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Despite battling a low fuel pressure issue, Erik Jones survived until the end & came home 3rd at the 2019 Daytona 500

Erik Jones fired off from 28th out of the 40 car field has quickly moved to 21st through the first 5-10 laps.

When the debris caution came out on Lap 21, E. Jones pitted his first stop of the day.

From the next restart, E. Jones steadily made his way 10th by the end of this stage.

In Stage 2, He restarted & stayed there for most of the time in 5th place.

So not many issues coming out from Erik Jones in the radio.

As the Lap 106 yellow came out, he stopped by in pit road for some treatment, tires, and fuel before he finished in 13th.

Before Stage 3, E. Jones stopped again in pit road for fuel only before he restarted in 11th.

Initially, he fell a few spots to 14th but had the chance to pit with 41 to go when the first of the late yellows came out.

E. Jones returned inside the Top 5-10 mark with less than 30 to go for the next ten laps.

Though, a low fuel pressure issue forced him to stop by on pit road from 3rd to 31st, one lap down.

But a string of late wrecks and him escaping these yellows saw E.Jones come home in 3rd.


He now has back to back Top 5 to his name from back end of July 2018 win at the same track.

It’s all survival and persistence having seen Erik Jones sign off Daytona on the best start ever at P3.

Now, he’s ready to nail a front row challenge spot regularly.

The No.20 Toyota Camry has a great race car like the other JGR Cup teams.

Even though his team-mates have a lot of experience & have Championships, it doesn’t mean that Erik Jones will have a bad season.

It conveys that Erik Jones is one of JGR’s brightest stars that they’ve looked after him for many years.

He can even make the No.20 Team his place to achieve even more heights.

There are 35 races to go and adding a 2nd, 3rd, 4th win in his Cup career can be possible.

All it takes is to give plenty of support for E.Jones & let him develop become one of the standout drivers in the premier class.

His Crew members such as Chris Gayle & Rick Carelli will do the best they can to make sure they’re on the right foot.

The work they’ve done today is excellent and no doubt this combination can match the elite anytime soon.

Daytona now has done and dusted as Erik Jones rests up back home & ready to return to the JGR race shop tomorrow.

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