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Game 3, Week 2 of the 2019 Super Rugby Season, Crusaders v Hurricanes Full-Match Review at AMI Stadium in Christchurch

Two games have done as we move onto Match 3, Week 2 of the 2019 Super Rugby Season at AMI Stadium in Christchurch.

It’s the Defending Champions Crusaders hosting the Hurricanes on their home turf.

The Crusaders fired off well from the successful line out where the Hurricanes initially held him short.

But the home side quickly shifted across to the left as Scott Barrett scored the first TRY to feed the Crusaders, five points.

In the 24th minute, Manasa Mataele sidestepped past the Hurricanes on the far right before he fed Richie Mo’unga on the run home.

Despite some concerns about Mataele’s foot going out in touch, Mataele managed to keep the ball inside the pitch & accommodated Mo’unga the reward he wanted as the referees confirmed the TRY.

With more rewards from fly-half, Mo’unga converted the kick into the goal himself.

Not long later, George Bridge sensationally ran past the halfway line before the Hurricanes held him short past their danger area.

And it proved unsuccessful when Gareth Evans slapped the ball from Byrn Hall before Jordan Taufua added another Crusaders five-point score.

Just before half-time, Matt Todd took advantage of the scrum as the Crusaders remained relentless with Mo’ Unga scored his 2nd converted TRY of the night.

HALF-TIME: Crusaders 24-0 Highlanders

The Crusaders immediately continued their impressive work from the successful line-out as Byrn Hall helped Scott Barrett secure the TRY.

Richie Mo’unga this time bounced back with the conversion kick in the goal as Crusaders 31-0.

Ben Lam unleashed his pace on the far left past the Crusaders half-way line having pushed down both of their wingers in George Bridge & Manasa Mataele.

Although, the Crusaders defense held him short before Lam finally nailed down the first TRY for the Hurricanes.

Having seen the Crusaders not roll the ball away, the Hurricanes tried to take advantage of the scrum.

But their use of illegal wheeling & failing to stay square saw the Crusaders win the turnover thanks to their support from the front rowers.

In the 66th minute, the Hurricanes added another TRY in the hands of Wes Goosen having touched down on the far right side.

Jordie Barrett didn’t successfully kick into the goal in his second attempt from a steep angle.

With four minutes left, The successful line-out and mauling allowed the Crusaders to regroup together & help George Bridge provide the TRY on the run home.

The Hurricanes may not have secured the win.

But Ben Lam’s extraordinary pace helped him touch down for the Hurricanes late score & his 2nd TRY for the night.

Two minutes later, TJ Perenara tricked the Crusaders defense having seen the Hurricanes take up ample time with the advantage wisely before Jordie Barrett’s successful kick saw the end of the match.

On the other hand, despite not securing the bonus point, the Crusaders still left AMI Stadium as the victors at home.

FULL-TIME: Crusaders 38-22 Hurricanes

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