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ARC 2018: Review of USA Rugby v Argentina XV

Tonight was a thriller game between the two sides in the opening Americas Rugby Championship clash between the champions USA Eagles v runners-up Argentina XV.

Although both teams have made some mistakes as well as different lead changes at each half, one side has to end the match tonight with a win.

First Half

It was a close 40 minutes between the USA Eagles and Argentina XV side.

South African born star, Marcel Brache only played the first 12 minutes when he has to be subbed off for Dylan Audsley due to injury.

Despite that injury drama, Will Magle opened the account for the USA with a 3-0 lead thanks to a penalty conversion in the 16th minute.

Although, the USA Eagles have created some significant hits.

However, they experienced problems with the high tackle when Titi Lamositele had to sent to the bench with a sin bin that gave the Argentinian fly-half Juan Cruz Gonzalez the opportunity to level 3-3 all with a penalty in the 24th minute.

With the return of Lamositele and the interception of Bryce Campbell, things have been progressed well for the USA until another sin bin blow from Cam Dolan for a professional foul which led to an Argentinian 5 meter scrum.

This 5-meter scrum was so successful when they picked the ball up from the back of the line & fed the ball to Santiago Manager where he scored the first try for the night.

Juan Cruz Gonzalez successfully converted the first kick that puts Argentina XV out in front 10-3 ahead of half-time.

Second Half

Following a concession of mistakes, the USA made up lost time in the 45th minute when Will Magle successfully converted the penalty to lift the scoreboard 6-10.

There have been some close calls between the two sides before the USA won a penalty scrum.

The scrummaging they made was so useful were they successfully fed the ball to Kiwi born-flanker Tony Lamborn who was the first try recipient for the Eagles in the 59th minute. Despite the unsuccessful conversion, the USA was out in front by a single point 11-10.

A few late substitutions by the USA Eagles had paid off when they won another penalty. Will Hooley who just came on Will Magle has made a successful conversion in the 68th minute where the Eagles extended their lead to 14-10.

The Argentinians XV side lost momentum despite a solid first half where they conceded another penalty to the USA that led Hooley Pipes to even successfully converted another penalty kick that pushed their lead even further by 7 points with less than 5 minutes to go.

Having made a couple of mistakes by the USA Eagles, the game was about to end with a draw when they conceded the scrum to Argentina XV side with less than a minute left in play.

It was initially turned out to draw thanks to a consolation try by the Argentinians. However, thanks to a TMO review when the ball was viewed as knock-on by Argentina in the closing minutes that gave some relief by the Americans.


The final score is USA 17-10 Argentina XV at StubHub Stadium in Carson, California.

This is the first ever victory under the new management of Head Coach, Gary Gold.

Summary Scorecard

Will Magle 16th minute 3-0 USA v ARG XV

Juan Cruz Gonzalez 24th minute 3-3

Santiago Monanger 38th minute 3-10

Half Time: USA 3-10 Argentina XV

Will Magle 45th minute 6-10

Tony Lamborn 59th minute 11-10

Will Hooley 68th minute 14-10

Hooley Pipes 75th minute 17-10

Full time: USA 17-10 Argentina XV


The USA has done a great job in maintaining their momentum thanks to the management of terrific scrummaging and the use of ball play.

These players such as Will Magle, Tony Lamborn, Will Hooley and Hooley Pipes were the main positives that were behind USA’s triumphant win tonight.

Winning penalties and rotating fresh blood through substitutions was the difference between having to tie a match and winning tonight’s game.

The next Americas Rugby Championship match for the USA Eagles is when they will go up against Canada on Friday, February 9 at Papa Murphy’s Park in Sacramento, California.

References: The image is sourced from the USA Rugby official website.

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