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Why Noah Gragson deserves to move on after that sarcastic response

Noah Gragson deserves a lot of credit for himself when it comes to building his reputation on the race track.

And off the track, he is very popular with our much loved NASCAR fans on social media.

The interview about the first-lap crash at Daytona

Gragson confessed to wrecking as many as other cars in an interview on FOX Sports when it comes reflecting on his lap one incident at Daytona precisely one year ago.

What FOX Sports did is they asked Gragson a question that is serious for him to answer about that wreck.

He made a sarcastic response because he was frustrated during that night.

What I saw from the interview is that I think FOX didn’t appreciate it regarding Gragson’s sense of humor to an honest question.

So maybe that’s why they were wrong to clarify his statement since they deleted the tweet regarding Gragson’s interview.

Gragson took to Twitter to clarify the matter

Noah Gragson took to Twitter about his sarcastic remarks where his interview with FOX Sports was out of context.

He doesn’t intend to make other drivers suffer and risk to death when it comes to wrecking people.

Remember, when you’re in a wreck there’s nothing much you can do about it at high speed.

He has nothing much to say about the wreck but to bring a response that he utilizes well.

However, he will take this remark away and won’t joke about that sarcastic response anymore when it comes to the wreck which could leave people feeling nervous.

Why do I feel sorry for Noah Gragson

Look, Noah.

We have our good and bad times where we will move on rather than looking back at the past.

You don’t have to say sorry because you stay becoming yourself.

If they can’t make a joke around & take it too seriously, then these people who try to fool you are coming from the cheap seats.

The fans out there still have your support where they need charisma to make them laugh every time you post something fresh on social media.

That is how you build a massive following in any driver’s career of the sport.

Keep your head up, and I’m sure you will achieve your potential.

You don’t have to apologize for what you said.

However, the media has to take action for taking it too seriously.

Image: Racing Reference

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