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2018 Super Rugby 2nd Quarter Final Match: Crusaders v Sharks at AMI Stadium Review

With the Hurricanes won against the Chiefs last night for a showdown in the 1st semi-final next week, which team will join next?

It’s the 2nd Quarter Final game between the Crusaders v Sharks at AMI Stadium in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Will the Crusaders follow the Hurricanes and down the Sharks at home?

Or can the Sharks make a stunning upset for the second time around as they did a few years ago at their home turf?

Let’s find out as referee Michael Fraser blows the whistle.

1st Half

The Crusaders took the upper hand at home when they built two opening scores.

Richie Mo’unga’s penalty goal between the sticks looks perfect with the three points.

Not long after that successful penalty goal, George Bridge’s electric pace on the wing gave Byrn Hall his first try of the night.

SCORE: Crusaders 8-0 Sharks

Having moved on from Mo’unga’s first failed conversion for goal, the Crusaders wasted no time in demolishing another attack on the run home.

That’s where Ryan Crotty took advantage of the Sharks defense before he found David Kaetau Havili for the second-five point score.

SCORE: Crusaders 13-0 Sharks

With Mo’unga’s second conversion goal unsuccessful, the Sharks has to find a way to fight back.

The Durban-based side made a great attempt to scare off the Crusaders defense in which they did to touch one down.

You’re looking at the experienced winger in Lwazi Mvovo who doesn’t give up a fight, then Mvovo called out Kobus Van Wyk with the ball & escapes the home team’s defense to complete the TRY.

It’s a six-point game between Crusaders & Sharks as Robert Du Preez successfully converts into the goal posts for another two points.

SCORE: Crusaders 13-7 Sharks

The Crusaders bounced back from a conceded try as Matt Todd powers himself forward with the ball that Codie Taylor instructed against the Sharks defense.

And Philip Van Der Walt tackled a player without the ball which turned out to a nine-point catch up after half-time for the Sharks.

That’s where Richie Mo’unga successfully kicked between the sticks for the second penalty goal.

HALF-TIME: Crusaders 16-7 Sharks



  • Byrn Hall (9′)
  • David Havili (12′)


  • Richie Mo’unga (7′)



  • Kobus Van Wyk (26′)


  • Robert Du Preez (27′)

2nd Half

The Sharks defense has wholly forgotten immediately after the referee blew the whistle.

Another left wing dazzler from George Bridge as he creates that linebreak before Dan Du Preez held him down five meters from the goal line.

But it’s not too late as Byrn Hall quickly handed over the ball to Matt Todd who cleans up the TRY for the Crusaders.

Richie Mo’unga didn’t have any problems with the kick for goal this time around with the extra two points.

SCORE: Crusaders 23-7 Sharks

Jordan Taufua made a mistake as his feet went off in the ruck which is a disadvantage to the Sharks.

That allowed the referee to award the penalty to the away side as Robert Du Preez adds the three points via the kick for goal.

SCORE: Crusaders 23-10 Sharks

Lukhanyo Am makes the first breakthrough as he tries to make up the Sharks lost time.

But the Sharks continued to make poor tackles as Braydon Ennor took the advantage against them for the Crusaders.

And these mistakes continued to haunt the away side when Ruan Botha who tried to dig the ball on their home phase at the wrong time.

Thus allowed Richie Mo’unga to kick successfully between the sticks for the three penalty points with 23 minutes left in play.

SCORE: Crusaders 26-10 Sharks

The Sharks had the opportunity to try & close down the home team.

But Juan Schoeman bored in at the scrum which gave the Crusaders the upper hand.

Then Kieran Read assists Braydon Ennor with the offload as Ennor speeds past the Sharks defense for another five-point reward.

Mo’unga successfully kicks for goal in his second out of three attempts with two more points added for the Crusaders.

SCORE: Crusaders 33-10 Sharks

And then more mistakes followed up for the Sharks when the Crusaders defense swamped John-Hubert Meyer with difficulty releasing the ball.

That’s where Crusaders made the most of the advantage where Sam Whitelock gave Peter Samu the license to thrill for the Crusaders’ 5th TRY.

If you’re a Sharks fan, it’s getting even more painful as Richie Mo’unga kicks between the posts for goal (3/5 attempts) as they lose to the Crusaders by 30 points.

That means the Crusaders advance into the semi-finals & the Sharks exiting the Playoffs alongside the Chiefs.

FULL-TIME: Crusaders 40-10 Sharks



  • Byrn Hall (9′)
  • David Havili (12′)
  • Matt Todd (42′)
  • Braydon Ennor (67′)
  • Peter Samu (72′)


  • Richie Mo’unga (43′, 68′, 73′)


  • Richie Mo’unga (7′, 40′, 57′)



  • Kobus Van Wyk (26′)


  • Robert Du Preez (27′)


  • Robert Du Preez (48′)


The Sharks made an initial good impression with the attack such a couple of set pieces & linebreaks involved in the 1st half.

However, they couldn’t keep the momentum with too many errors and lazy discipline.

That’s where at one point closer to Full-Time, the Sharks eventually ran out of huff & puff without no help at all from their entire squad.

It allowed the Crusaders to run everywhere along the pitch with a robust structure before pulling off three 2nd half tries & plenty of use of hands played which is enough to advance them into the semi-final.


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