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Ty Majeski unlucky in 27th despite a great impact through most of the final Stage at Road America

Ty Majeski came to Road America with high hopes of racing in front of his hometown crowd in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin.

It’s the track he means a lot despite coming from a short track background.

Let’s see how he goes from Start to Finish.

Race Recap

He started off from 21st having run quietly inside the No.60 car through the first two cautions.

On the one-lap restart to complete Stage 1, Majeski’s feedback with the car proved right as he finished in 20th.

Stage 2

When he made his first stop, he only changed for a full refill of gas.

But NASCAR saw him exit too fast off pit road towards the Stage 2 restart.

Over the next ten laps in this stage, Majeski restarted in 27th as he climbs several spots to 21st with the caution out of 5 to go.

From there, it allowed an opportunity for him to stay out & gain four spots to 17th before the next restart.

Though, he lost some positions at the end of his run in 24th.

Stage 3

Majeski hoped for a bit better momentum this time around after pitted for new tires and fuel during the next stage break.

It helped him at the restart having jumped from 21st to 16th towards the 1st phase until Ryan Truex spun on Lap 29.

Once the caution came out, Majeski pitted for his third and final stop with the same treatment hoping to pull off as high as possible.

He’s able to pull off patiently at the next restart having entered 10th spot with ten laps to go.

But a push and shove with Katherine Legge doored Majeski between Turn 5 & 6, causing him to go off track and lose positions with three laps to go.

From a realistic Top 10 opportunity now gone, it left no choice but to finish in 27th.

His Season So Far.

  • Seven Starts
  • 950 of 1314 Laps Completed, 72.3%
  • Four Laps Led, Dover
  • Highest Starting Spot: 9th, May 2018 in Dover
  • Best Finish: 7th, June 2018 in Iowa
  • One Top 10, 14.3%
  • Average Start: 14.9 & Finish: 27


  • 34th/DNF, Bristol
  • 37th/DNF, Talladega
  • 34th/DNF, Dover
  • 22nd, Charlotte
  • 7th, Iowa
  • 27th, Kentucky & Road America


Ty Majeski had a great No.60 Ford Mustang in place for race day.

He ran okay and quiet during Stage 1.

The next segment looked a bit out of touch when he ran too fast exiting his stop.

It cost him some time during that run and able to only settle within the Top 20.

Though, Stage 3 gave Majeski a lifeline which saw him restart with much better momentum breaking inside the Top 10.

That’s because the Lap 29 caution gave plenty of luck thanks to the opportunity of getting his 3rd and final stop wrapped up.

But it’s just unfair that Majeski got doored by Legge while trying to edge closer for that Top 10 finish.

With all the hard work done and then quickly diminished through contact by another driver, you start to feel sorry for this young man.

What Ford Performance did when they arranged Majeski to race in sports cars have demonstrated plenty of positives.

He came here as a much better racer having made an impact by the time Majeski reached the Top 10.

It conveys plenty of time spent having learned from his sports car team-mate, Scott Maxwell.

Excellent preparation by getting to know both left and right turns more.

Though, he has one more road course chance at the Charlotte Motor Speedway Roval Course at the end of September.

The next time he will return inside the No.60 Ford Mustang is at Las Vegas Motor Speedway on Saturday, September 15, 2018.

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