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Game 3, Round 1 of the 2018 National Rugby Championship: Brisbane City v Western Force

Left winger Rob Davies sets up the first try in the 5th minute for the Western Force.

Thanks to an inside pass from Jack McGregor, he spread towards the left enabling Davies to trap the Brisbane City defense.

Immediately after the Force try, Con Foley fired one back for the Brisbane City try.

Beautiful one hand catch from Quade Cooper in feeding Foley for the first five-point score.

And Cooper successfully kicks between the sticks for the City lead up front by two points.

In the 11th minute, the Force’s maul driven forward where Jeremy Thrush took advantage with the ball & nailed down home.

Six minutes later, Jaye Thomspon ran with blistering pace through this set piece play from JP Smith’s pass.

And it’s too easy for Thompson to touch one down.

In the 28th minute, Playmaker Quade Cooper fed Patrick Morrey with the flick pass for City’s third try.

Although, Cooper missed the next two conversion kicks in failing to add the extra points.

Chris Alcock boasts with much power having smashed two dummies before City held him down.

Though, Andrew Deegan gave Jack McGregor help the left as McGregor ran with the ball home for the five-point score.

No problems at all for Ian Prior with the kick into the posts for two points.

Significant effort from Cameron Orr with the big running move on the left-hand side.

With the help of Jack McGregor, Orr slammed Quade Cooper & Ruan Smith for another Western Force try.

Another successful conversion made for Prior over the posts as Force leads City at the break.

Credit: Sportography/QRU

HALF-TIME: Brisbane City 17-26 Western Force

Jaye Thompson tried to clear by kicking far into touch.

But it’s a knock on thanks to the pressure from the Western Force defense.

And the scrum looked successful; Force went out wide on the left before Rod Davies touched one down for his 2nd big score.

Ian Prior successfully kicks between the sticks on his 4th out of five attempts for extra two rewards.

It took a while to get the scrummaging done before Moses Sorovi quickly fed the inside ball.

And it took that fast for Quade Cooper to land one home as he blusters his way for the converted seven-point score.

The driving maul from the Western Force looked perfect through the work of Ian Prior.

With Felati Kaitu’u holding the ball forward, he held down the ball at the right time.

Not only Prior helped Kaitu’u score the big five-points.

But he converted the kick successfully for two more rewards on the scoreboard.

Quade Cooper contributed heavily as their playmaker having made a cross kick & maintained possession.

He later had the opportunity with the ball through the inside pass before Jayden Ngamanu scored his 2nd try.

No conversion kick made auspicious for the goal this time.

Ian Prior & Jeremy Thrush took time to drive the Force maul following the successful line-out.

Felati Kaitu’u held the ball for the entire drive before he quickly touched home past the City defense.

After the five-point score, Prior’s conversion between the sticks looks successful.

Credit: Sportography/QRU

FULL-TIME: Brisbane City 29-47 Western Force

Brisbane City


  • Con Foley (7′)
  • Jaye Thompson (16′)
  • Pat Morrey (28′)
  • Quade Cooper (51′)
  • Jordan Ngamanu (62′)


  • Quade Cooper (8′, 52′)

Western Force


  • Rod Davies (4′, 44′)
  • Jeremy Thrush (11′)
  • Jack McGregor (32′)
  • Cameron Orr (37′)
  • Felati Kaitu’u (57′, 69′)


  • Ian Prior (12, 33′, 38′, 45′, 58′, 70′)
Credit: Sportography/QRU


Brisbane City may have contributed for some time within the first 14 minutes.

Even the playmaking ability of Quade Cooper has lifted City to another level.

However, the whole squad is light with the defense especially the poor discipline late in the 2nd half.

Two men down to 13, they need full troops possible to dominate more than just five-point scores.

On the other hand, the Force did dominate with full men on the field.

The driving maul plus scrummaging looked perfect which helped Force’s attacking play.

Credit to Ian Prior for his all-around contribution as the Western Force skipper today.

Plus the front rowers Cameron Orr & Jeremy Thrush helped Prior get the job done too by themselves & as a group.

That’s it for Round 1 of the 2018 National Rugby Championship from Hugh Courtney Oval in Wooloowin, Brisbane.

Make sure you tune in next weekend for Round 2 games live on FOX Sports:

Saturday, September 8

  • Fiji Drua v Brisbane City at Churchill Park in Lautoka, Fiji, 3 PM AEST (Website)
  • Sydney v Canberra Vikings at Concord Oval in Sydney, 3 PM AEST (Channel 503)

Sunday, September 9

  • Queensland Country v Melbourne Rising at Mike Carney Park in Currajong, Townsville, 3 PM AEST (Channel 503)
  • Western Force v NSW Country Eagles at UWA Sports Park in Mt Claremont, Perth, 3 PM AEST (Website)


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