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Game 3, Round 3 of the 2018 National Rugby Championship: Sydney Rays v Brisbane City at Woollahra Oval

Quade Cooper unpacked the ball out where Tautalatasi Tasi ran around wide on the right-hand side.

And it didn’t take too long having found the offload to Lachlan Maranta & touched down with the opening try.

Not only Cooper made credit with the assisted the first Brisbane City TRY in the 8th minute.

But the conversion kick between the sticks himself for the extra two points.

In the 15th minute, Cooper carried the ball through the pick and drove having executed the set-piece well by adding the five points.

And likewise, from his first attempt, the kick looks excellent for the two bonus rewards.

Two minutes later, The Sydney Rays fought back where Shambeckler Vui ran him from 40 meters out from the City defense.

And as a tighthead prop, Vui ran home unassisted as he confirmed the first five points for the Rays.

Left Winger, James Cane pushed the Rays another two points to Seven thanks to a successful conversion.

Lachlan Maranta shifted the ball well with excellent direction from Karmichael Hunt for Brisbane City.

And it’s way too easy as the left-winger in Maranta sides steps past the Rays defense on the far right for his 2nd try.

The conversion looks so far, so good as Quade Cooper kicks past the posts well for the bonus two points after the 22nd minute.

Five minutes later, City’s maul looked square and robust which enabled the Rays defense to collapse.

Hence, City won the Penalty Try for the Seven Points.

On the other hand, Shambuckler Vui had to sit out for the next ten minutes via the Yellow Card or Sin Bin.

That leaves the Sydney Rays with 14 men on the field before Vui returned on the area just before Half-Time.

Without Vui, there’s no problem for the Rays.

It allowed extra flexibility out wide having built a strong structure through several phases.

That’s where Damien Fitzpatrick ran a nice tight line on the far left from the help of Cane before adding the five points with 11 minutes to go.

At the same time, D. Fitzpatrick tied as the highest all-time Rays TRY scorer of 10 ahead of Josh Holmes.

In the 33rd minute, the Brisbane City scrum looked decent as their driving maul.

Sam Wallis quickly acted with the ball landed safely in his hands before he bulldozed Pat Sio for the TRY.

The kick looks successful as Cooper adds the extra two points.

If the Scrummaging attack isn’t enough, so does add extra pace out wide.

Fantastic balance where back rowers helped maintain its support line as Matt Gordon gets the job done.

Gordon executes the finish well as the damaging ball running in the No.12 position at Inside Centre.

Five City tries now plus five kick attempts.

It’s gone perfectly with extra points added from the Playmaker in Quade Cooper.

HALF-TIME: Sydney Rays 12-42 Brisbane City

Sydney Rays


  • Shambeckler Vui (17′)
  • Damian Fitzpatrick (29′)


  • James Cane (18′)

Brisbane City


  • Lachlan Maranta (8′, 24′)
  • Quade Cooper (14′)
  • Penalty Try (27′)
  • Sam Wallis (34′)
  • Matt Gordon (36′)


  • Quade Cooper (9′, 16, 24′, 35′, 37′)

2nd Half

Brisbane City played smart with the short-ball attack as Sam Wallis makes it TRY No.2 in the 43rd minute.

On Quade Cooper’s sixth attempt, the kick looked easily straight into the posts as City reached 49 overall points.

Five minutes later, Nick Palmer almost fell himself before he tricked the short pass & scored a TRY for the Rays.

James Cane successfully kicked between the sticks out wide on his 2nd successful of out of three overall attempts.

20 minutes later, Fraser McReight found his line and balance on the run home for a TRY.

The offload of Lawson Creighton helped that assist in completing the attack for McReight at the right time.

It’s a long time coming that the Sydney Rays fought back with an excellent play towards the far right.

Connor West may have fallen well short of a TRY at the first attempt by Moses Sorovi.

But he’s defenseless unassisted by Mitch Short to feed the five points.

With five minutes to go, Brisbane City upped the scoreboard at late having read the scrum well.

Then Quade Cooper drifts off-field through an inside ball showing his fantastic playmaking abilities.

And his assist has enabledMatt Gordon to complete that set piece for the TRY.

Thanks to the contribution up front, Cooper kicked successfully for goal allowing City to break into the 60s mark.

The rotation of playmakers has allowed to stretch themselves in good shape through the attack.

Tim Clements passed through the right of Jack Hayson before an inside ball back to Clements completed the score.

And a minute after the siren, Will Harrison concluded the match with a consolation try through the support of his back rowers.

Great job to the Rays of securing adding the extra rewards at the last minute.

But regards the tackling and defense, it didn’t add much to keep in front of Brisbane City who won today’s match.

FINAL SCORE: Sydney Rays 40-61 Brisbane City

Sydney Rays


  • Shambeckler Vui (17′)
  • Damian Fitzpatrick (29′)
  • Nick Palmer (47′)
  • Mitch Short (74′)
  • Tim Clements (78′)
  • Will Harrison (81′)


  • James Cane (18′, 48′, 74′, 79′, 82′)

Brisbane City


  • Lachlan Maranta (8′, 24′)
  • Quade Cooper (14′)
  • Penalty Try (27′)
  • Sam Wallis (34′)
  • Matt Gordon (36′)
  • Sam Wallis (42′)
  • Fraser McReight (75′)


  • Quade Cooper (9′, 16, 24′, 35′, 37′, 43′, 77′)


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