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David Ragan bounces back from a failed qualifying inspection to 23rd from Saturday Night at Richmond

After a rough time in qualifying and failed tech inspection, David Ragan had to start from the last row in 40th alongside Kyle Busch.

Nevertheless, he quickly made up lost time as moves up the chain of cars up to 32nd which means he moved up eight spots.

So great start there in building up the structure through patience.

Not long later, Ragan may have a breakthrough inside the Top 30 for some time.

But there’s not much progress gained as he’s a little loose executing the corners.

Midway through the opening segment, Ragan pitted for the first time under green for some new rubber, gas & adjustments.

Back to on-track action now & he did bounce back by going around Truex for the first time in regaining from two to one lap down.

The No.38 car looks more than 75% of the time fast hoping he can lap Truex again to regain the lead lap.

It may be unsuccessful next time around by passing Truex for the second time.

Though, Ragan did win the free pass after finishing Stage 1 ahead of Cole Custer in 24th, the best outside the lead lap cars.

Stage 2

Before the next restart, Ragan stopped by on pit road for some changes in the No.38 car.

He’s able to execute the corners & center better before Stage 1 ended which helped him regained a lap and winning the free pass.

But only a tad tighter to make up balance towards the cornering.

Having restarted from 23rd, he remained battling in this spot for most of the time.

Although, during the 2nd green-flag pit stop cycle Ragan ran as high as 17th on old tires before returning within the Top 25 & came home in 24th at the halfway stage.

Stage 3

Before the final 200 laps begin, Ragan stopped again with the same treatments given from the previous stage break.

It’s hopeful that he can handle and pull off his long-run speed after adding the wedge adjustment.

On the initial run, he couldn’t find the maximum speed given having struggled to execute a couple of spots in 25th.

Not long later, Ragan did turn & ran the middle a little better than last time which helped execute two spots in 23rd as the second half of Stage 3 begins with 100 to go.

By the time he came back to pit road for the final time, the No.38 crew had added changes to some new sets of rubber and gas.

Not only that, they added the air pressure adjustment after going a little slippery from his previous run.

Apart from that, the No.38 Ford Fusion is all set & sound to finish off the night.

Towards the end of the night, the performance didn’t make such gains through his long-run speed.

But most of the night, David Ragan’s able to hold its strength as he came home in 23rd, three laps down.

His 2018 Season So Far.

  • 28 Starts
  • 7525 of 7861 Laps Completed, 95.7%
  • Highest Starting Spot: 12th, April 2018 in Talladega
  • Best Finish: 6th, April 2018 in Talladega
  • One Top 10, 3.6%
  • Average Start: 23.2 & Finish: 23
  • DNF: Two
  • He currently sits 25th in the Drivers’ Standings with 405 Points.


  • 30th/DNF, Daytona 500
  • 23rd, Atlanta & Las Vegas
  • 22nd, Phoenix
  • 25th, Fontana & Martinsville
  • 23rd, Texas
  • 12th, Bristol
  • 33rd, Richmond
  • 6th, Talladega
  • 27th, Dover
  • 13th, Kansas
  • 25th, Charlotte
  • 16th, Pocono
  • 38th/DNF, Michigan
  • 22nd, Sonoma
  • 38th, Chicago
  • 15th, Daytona
  • 18th, Kentucky
  • 29th, New Hampshire
  • 19th, Pocono 2
  • 26th, Watkins Glen
  • 27th, Bristol 2
  • 17th, Darlington
  • 24th, Indianapolis
  • 27th, Las Vegas
  • 23rd, Richmond


Having overcome a failed tech inspection, they had to do something to make up lost time.

From start to finish, he remained patient through a fantastic drive through a couple of gains here and there before.

Thanks to the guys on pit road, they’re able to add the adjustments right before Ragan can execute some of the areas on the run home.

However, he has struggled through the long-run speed which denied him a chance to finish closer to the Top 20.

In other words, without the best car out on the track, he can only try to retain his spot or else lose spots.

Plus if there’s a couple of incident yellows out, then the No.38 crew would’ve spent a bit more time on pit road.

Based on the excellent job that the No.38 crew performed all night, Ragan would’ve had a much better restart and momentum.

So that way he may found it easier to pass or stay ahead of a bunch of cars in the end if that scenario occurred even on overtime.

Overall, it’s not the result he’s after having outlined the weaknesses.

But most of all, he’s happy to steer the No.38 Ford home through maximum points possible based on his & the team’s hard work.

A much better improvement from 33rd from the Spring event to moving up ten spots by the Fall out of this Richmond year.

He’s hopeful that he can keep up the great work moving forward week in, week out.

So watch out for some of the big-budget teams out there as Ragan’s looking to finish regular Top 20s over the final eight races of the year.

For now, he’s looking forward to tasting the left and right turns of Charlotte Roval Layout on Sunday.

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