The complete wave-around of the former Channel 9 Cricket Commentary Team after Mark Nicholas re-joined TalkSport


The wave around surrounding ex-Channel 9 Cricket commentators after the loss of TV rights have completed.

First up, Bill Lawry has retired after an illustrious 40-year career behind the microphone.

Although, he’s tied with Nine for life alongside Ian Chappell.

Chappell will continue to commentate for Macquarie Sports Radio this summer, a role held for the last five years.

Mark Taylor also chose to stay with this network for the next three years which includes:

  • 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup in England
  • 2019 Ashes Tour in England
  • 2020 ICC World Twenty20 in Australia

Erin Molan may front Nine’s last tournaments in the studio with Taylor.

It comes after they axed the long-running NRL Footy Show yesterday of her previous job as host earlier this year.

We’ll have to wait and see how their scaled-down coverage looks like by mid-next year.

But it did say on the Wide World of Sports website that Molan will front a variety of sports which includes cricket & tennis.

Michael Clarke is more than happy balancing with his family & business commitments at this time.

That’s the end of speculation regarding some of the crew staying at Channel 9.

The only member who jumped ship to Channel 7 is Michael Slater.

7’s Head of Cricket David Barham’s happy to have one ex-Nine guard in Slats at the helm.

Plus FOX Cricket poached both Shane Warne & Ian Healy as part of their new regime via Pay TV.

So no further comments here & there.

Both FOX & 7 has just begun airing Cricket in Australia over the next six years through the duration of this contract.

At last but not least.

Last night, Mark Nicholas returned to Talksport as their chief Cricket Host/Commentator.

He has covered the Overseas Matches involving England before in the early 2000s.

That’s one of his past jobs before taking over as Richie Benaud’s successor at Nine for 15 years until loss of rights earlier in April.

He will front the UK audience once again following the company’s successful bid to broadcast England’s Overseas Matches which involves:

  • Sri Lanka begins on Wednesday, October 10 to Tuesday, November 27
  • West Indies, Late January-Mid March
  • South Africa, December 2019-February 2020

Yes, for some it’s a bummer not have the last member of the old Nine crew continue work in Australia.

But at least, Nicho got a new job, and it’ll be his only one.

That’s because his other work at Channel 5 in the UK will end in September next year when the Home Ashes Tour wraps up.

The reason why?

BBC will re-take over Channel 5 as the Free to Air broadcaster of England’s Home Cricket Matches from 2020-2024.

They previously aired Home Cricket Matches involving England on TV from 1938 to 1998.

Good luck & congratulations to Nicho on his new job.

Australians will be proud of his presence for many years and will no doubt miss him.

And that is that on completing the cycle regarding the ex-Channel 9 Cricket Team that you’ll see for the foreseeable future.

The complete list of ex-Channel 9 Commentary Crew Before & After.

  • Bill Lawry, Retired & Re-signed with Nine for Life
  • Ian Chappell, Re-signed with Nine for Life
  • Mark Taylor, Re-signed with Nine for another three years
  • Shane Warne, Moved to FOX Cricket
  • Michael Slater, Moved to Seven
  • Michael Clarke, Happy with Business and Family Commitments
  • Ian Healy, Moved to FOX Cricket
  • Mark Nicholas, Returned to the UK with TalkSport


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