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Club Rugby: Round 7, Game 1 of the 2018 National Rugby Championship: NSW Country Eagles v Queensland Country

Queensland Country added the first points first within ten minutes.

Angus-Scott Young & James Tuttle managed to keep the Country’ maul square.

But Emmanuel Meafou collapsed the maul where he pulled down a couple of QLD Country players.

It awarded them the penalty try as Meaufou gets to sit in the naughty chair for ten minutes.

Though, NSW Country Eagles struck one back.

With the help of Rohan Saifoloi & Jaline Graham, Denny Godinet smoothly touched down on the far right side.

Over halfway into 1st Half, Jake Gordon kept the scrum alive by staying straight and square for NSW C.

Gordon fed to Mahe Valianu where he may have fallen a meter or two short.

But Valianu helped Meafou get his payback from a sin bin to a TRY.

A loose pass from Meafou & J.Graham gave QLD C the upper hand with an easy set-piece play from Chris Feauai-Sautia.

HALF-TIME: NSW Country Eagles 14-14 QLD Country

NSW Country Eagles


  • Denny Godinet, 14′
  • Emmanuel Meafou, 26′


  • Rohan Saifoloi, 2/2, 16′, 27′

QLD Country


  • Penalty Try, 10′
  • Chris Feauai-Sautia, 33′


  • Hamish Stewart, 1/1, 34′

2nd Half

QLD Country may have fumbled with the line-out following the maul collapse from Paddy Ryan.

But a knock on from Meafou & Jordon allowed James Tuttle to capitalize the advantage.

Jordan Petaia went on to get over the Country Eagles line with the TRY.

Though, Jake Figg capitalized the QLD C scrum collapse on the run home with a smooth touch & go score.

In the 54th minute, Jordan Petaia capitalized the fumble, Matt Gibbon & Alex Humphry, using his pace on the far left.

A few Country Eagles dummies couldn’t stop Petaia on the run home.

Petaia helped QLD C re-gained the lead with the five-point set-piece score.

With less than 15 minutes to go, Harry Hoopert touched one down via the assist from Tom Lucas.

Apo Latunipulu & Alex Humpfrey felt gutted with the fumble for NSW Country Eagles.

His error saw QLD C capitalize the TRY via the turnover.

In the 76th minute, Tate McDermott & Chris Feauai-Sautai directed out wide on the far right.

And Filipo Daugunu’s able to run down with the TRY.

Silatolu Latu’s fumble after the NSW Country Eagles’ line-out saw Tate McDermott win the turnover for QLD Country.

McDermott & H.Stewart went on to capitalize on the opportunity on the far left.

Both back rowers helped Patrick James completed QLD Country’s day in the office with the TRY.

Not only QLD Country gets the bonus point.

But they will head to the semi-final next weekend v the 4th-placed team.

If they’re successful, then QLD Country will be one step away from going back to back National Rugby Championship Winners.

FULL TIME: NSW Country Eagles 21-45 QLD Country

NSW Country Eagles


  • Denny Godinet, 14′
  • Emmanuel Meafou, 26′
  • Samuel Figg, 51′


  • Rohan Saifoloi, 3/3, 16′, 27′, 52′

QLD Country


  • Penalty Try, 10′
  • Chris Feauai-Sautia, 33′
  • Jordan Petaia, 43′, 54′
  • Harry Hoopert, 66′
  • Filipo Daugunu, 76′
  • Patrick James, 79′


  • Hamish Stewart, 4/6, 34′, 55′, 67′, 79′


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