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Club Rugby: Round 7, Game 3 of the 2018 National Rugby Championship: Melbourne Rising v Sydney Rays Write-Up

It was a scoreless 20 minutes between both teams before Sydney Ray’s playmaker Will Harrison first struck with the converted TRY.

Ten minutes later, Angus Cottrell fought back on the run home for Melbourne Rising.

Archie King’s successful conversion into the goal helped Rising to share the lead with the Rays, 7-7.

Though, John Folau touched down with a late 1st half TRY on the far right in his first start for the Sydney Rays.

Will Harrison makes back to back successful conversions for the goal as Rays lead Rising at the break, 14-7.

HALF-TIME: Melbourne Rising 7-14 Sydney Rays

Melbourne Rising


  • Angus Cottrell, 30′


  • Archie King, 1/1, 31′

Sydney Rays


  • Will Harrison, 20′
  • John Folau, 39′


  • Will Harrison, 2/2, 21′, 40′

2nd Half

Angus Cottrell produced a lovely straight line with the TRY to make up lost time as Rising level Rays, 14-14.

With the poor scrummaging & maul from the Rays, Tom English took advantage through the short pass on the run home.

Michael Ruru assisted set-piece on English helps put Rising back up front, 19-14.

Not long later, Tom King dabbed on the aborted Will Harrison kick before he sailed home on the far right.

Isireli Naisarani taps and goes through past halfway following a poor tackle from Will Harrison.

Naisarani fell short by a Rays defense at the ten-meter line.

But he found the short pass Michael Ruru where he helped Angelo Leaupepe complete the Rising’s 5th TRY.

Two minutes later, Richard Hardwick spotted a gap with the push & shoved past several Rays dummies.

His combined power and pace proved too good with the TRY.

Archie King helps Angus Cottrell run with the inside ball into space nearly on the run home.

Then he found the support to Sione Tuipolutu who touches down another Rising big score.

Although, Nick Phipps noticed the gap by spreading out wide on the far left.

He’s able to direct Will Harrison with the inside ball to┬áLatu Latunipulu who completed the Rays’ five-points.

In the 73rd minute, Angelo Leaupepe added his 2nd TRY into space through an inside ball chase from Sione Tuipolutu.

Iafeta Luamanu bumped a one on two battle v the Rays on the far left with plenty of room thanks to the help from Isi Naisarani.

Sione Tuipolutu’s pace via the short pass executed nicely from Laumanu’s quick offload with the Rising TRY.

FULL-TIME: Melbourne Rising 55-21 Sydney Rays

Melbourne Rising


  • Angus Cottrell, 30′, 43′
  • Tom English, 52′
  • Archie King, 57′
  • Angelo Leaupepe, 65, 74′
  • Richard Harwick, 67′
  • Sione Tuipolutu, 71′, 79′


  • Archie King, 4/9, 31′, 43′, 65′, 71′

Sydney Rays


  • Will Harrison, 20′
  • John Folau, 39′
  • Latu Latunipulu, 72′


  • Will Harrison, 3/3, 21′, 40′, 72′


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