Test Cricket: 2018-19 Domain Test Series: 2nd Test of Australia v India at Perth Stadium, Day 1 Morning Session Review


Australia’s Tim Paine went for tails while India’s Virat Kohli chose Heads during the coin toss.

The result is Paine won the immunity and sent Australia to bat first at Optus Stadium in Perth.

Australia’s line-up remained unchanged from the 1st Test despite being in a losing side.

On the other hand, India suffered both injury blows before the 2nd Test today:

  • Ravi Ashwin
  • Rohit Sharma

Hence, India made two changes to replace Ashwin & R.Sharma for this Test:

  • Umesh Yadav
  • Hanuma Vihari

Morning Session


Marcus Harris went off to a great start at his hometown ground on 36 by Lunch.

Harris stepped up and improved his game from last week’s first Test in Adelaide.

He waited for the ball to come to him all the time and let it whack with a flat bat.

It’s the traditional basics way to keep your wicket and get the runs flowing which didn’t go a foot wrong.

The same went to his opening partner Aaron Finch on 28 not out.

Finch may have played a different aggressive style with the cross bat shots to Harris.

But that’s okay as it’s all about building a big total that will make the opposition challenging to chase.

Again, no mistakes with the bat as Finch moves around every ball with his feet.

As long as he hits with the full face of the bat & feet closer to the ball, then he’ll be fine in the long run.

So far, so good with no wickets lost for the home side.

If Harris-Finch survived through Tea and Day 1, they could potentially build 100s each other plus a 400-500 stand for Australia.


Their bowlers may have gone a bit out of touch going a bit too full or straight and hit and miss of the stumps.

Don’t forget some missed opportunities regarding the catches too.

Mohammed Shami made a decent effort especially with a couple of close referrals.

But it may have pitched a bit too high above the stumps which aren’t much bouncy on this track as you think.

Though, India will have to work harder to try and claim some wickets back after lunch through a slow morning session.

LUNCH BREAK, Australia 0-66

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