Test Cricket: 2018-19 Domain Test Series 2nd Test of Australia v India at Perth Stadium, Day 3 Afternoon Session Review


After a 40-minute break, India resume on 7-253 & trails by 73 runs.

Nathan Lyon again wasted no time when he removed Ishant Sharma on one.

It’s another full & straight length delivery with not a lot of turn before I. Sharma chip covers straight to Lyon’s hands.

Lyon followed through and got the catch he deserves to bring India’s eighth wicket down for Australia.

Although, Rishabh Pant has quickly fired off and scored runs too.

As we saw during last week’s test in Adelaide, Pant can launch out of nowhere.

By executing fours or sixes, Pant moves around forward and hits whenever he likes in the mold of Adam Gilchrist.

Don’t forget that Pant bats left-handed too like Gilchrist.

As long as his head still looks at the ball, he’s got potential to make a long-term success in all forms of cricket.

Although, Pant’s quickfire chase with the bat ended on 36.

It’s a good ball from Nathan Lyon where it has produced some turn and angled in straight.

Pant used Lyon to try and whack for six before he couldn’t find the rope towards Mitchell Starc at long on.

So some error made when he pulled a bit too early without the full face of the bat which effectively ended Pant’s time in the middle.

Not long later, Lyon ended India’s first batting card on 283 when Jasprit Bumrah gone for a boundary-only four.

Again, excellent safe pair of hands from Usman Khawaja at slip.

So Lyon ended up with another five-wicket haul for 67 in hand & 13 scalps in this series has changed Australia’s game today.

2nd Innings Score: India 283 & trails by 43 runs.

Australia already fired off nicely with Aaron Finch & Marcus Harris hung on in the middle.

Finch’s style of play continued to look aggressive when playing his natural game.

He can play on both feet, front or back showing versatility.

Plus at one time when he pulled towards for four, Finch moved a bit closer with his feet & whacked where he wanted to hit.

Having presented with the full face of the bat & faced where the ball headed on his follow through, Finch’s on the right track in potentially building towards another Test 50 & even 100.

On the other hand, Marcus Harris is building slow & steady in a different approach to Finch.

Yes, on one occasion he got hit in the helmet through a short ball play by Jasprit Bumrah.

But Harris gave the thumbs up to continue as he’s on 7*.

At least, he’s still in the crease supporting Finch who has all the shots that made him a regular Australian ODI superstar.

Plus whenever the ball is loose, Harris does add runs on the board at the right time.

Tea Day 3: Australia 0-33 & leads by 76 runs

Harris’s head may not have hurt too much.

However, Finch’s right index finger does when got hit by a beamer from Mohammed Shami.

Therefore, Tea went in earlier as expected.

Finch may not be able to resume when a skin blister came out on the affected area on 25*.

Though, he can bat later whenever the index finger looks fully recovered on time.

So Usman Khawaja may come out after 20 minutes.

Apart from that, no wickets lost so far for Australia has remained steady with the bat.

But India’s aggressive, fast bowling has won over the home team for this session.

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