Test Cricket: 2018-19 Domain Test Series 3rd Test of Australia v India at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, Day 2 Afternoon Session Review


India resumes on 2-277 as Cheteshwar Pujara (103) & Virat Kohli (69) back out at the crease.

Kohli continued to fire off some runs on the board despite halting himself for a bit to stretch his glutes.

But that little rest up didn’t help Kohli get his attempted converted 100 as Mitchell Starc’s short ball plan ended his spell on 82.

At last, Starc went full with plenty of bounce where Kohli reached out the cut shot straight to Aaron Finch.

Yes, Kohli presented the full face of the bat to try and produce some power.

It just didn’t reach the rope where Finch sent Kohli upstairs at the third man.

Not long later, Pat Cummins provided India’s 4th wicket loss this time on Pujara (103).

Cummins bowled the straight attacking line producing a lot of speed down low before topping the off stump away.

Just after India reach 300, Ajinkya Rahane began to score runs quickly on 30*.

His new partner, Rohit Sharma taking one ball at a time on 13*.

Day 2 Tea: India 4-346

Well, Virat Kohli’s back issue distracted his hopes of converting that 100 which cost him dearly.

Without Kohli, Pujara’s game too came to a halt by going hesitant against the speedy yorker from Pat Cummins.

So these two crucial wickets have Australia move forward on the front foot a bit by chucking variety of short ball & straight line balls.

But the new stand of Rahane-Sharma fired off through the gentle and patient run in the hope of reaching 400 plus for India.

That way it should be enough to wrap up India’s 1st innings batting spell before making a declaring & releasing their bowlers come Day 3 tomorrow.

On the other hand, Australia has the 20-minute time out to sort out what went right and wrong in the second session.

After that, they will look to unpack and get the correct line and length so they can wrap up India’s remaining batting armor ASAP.

Australia will need to persist & work hard before they’re able to find that magic where Cummins & Starc picked a wicket apiece.

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