Test Cricket: 2018-19 Domain Test Series 3rd Test of Australia v India at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, Day 2 Morning Session Review


India resumes on 2-215 with Cheteshwar Pujara (68) & Virat Kohli (47) back at the crease.

Kohli immediately fired off to pick up three runs before he backed up his 50 off 110 balls.

The Indian skipper so far has remained patient where he picked the bad balls by executing the straight bat shots.

When someone gets out early, Kohli fills the voids that void and make up lost time by scoring quickly.

At the same time, Pujara & Kohli formed a 100 run partnership off 216 balls.

Not long later, India reached the 250 run mark with Australia yet to secure a wicket in this session.

And Pujara went on to keep his wicket long enough on converting his 2nd 100 in this series.

Pujara’s attacking minded batsman no matter how he bats, he doesn’t need to rush through a lot of time spent in the middle to achieve the big knock he deserves at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

Striking with the full flat bats at all times has helped reflect Pujara’s game his way.

On the other hand, Virat Kohli too remained patient & follows his batting style into Pujara’s on 69*.

Lunch Day 2: India 2-277

India persisted to two main guns on Kohli & Pujara and kept the flow going with the bat.

If Kohli can too follow Pujara and get his 100, then India will be ahead of the game by the end of the day.

We’ll see if India can make a declaration depending on how Kohli & Pujara can rack up runs quickly after lunch.

Australia continues to struggle with the bowling side both spin and seam.

They kept trying up the short ball plus the straight attacking line towards the stumps.

Unfortunately, Kohli & Pujara are well acted with their shot selection in all areas without pushing the panic button.

So it’s best to get back to basics and not go on them lightly by aiming to throw that last piece of that stump away.

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