Test Cricket: 2018-19 Domain Test Series 3rd Test of Australia v India at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, Day 2 Evening Session Review


It didn’t take too long for India to reach 350 straight after the 20-minute tea break.

Their two incumbent batsmen, Ajinkya Rahane & Rohit Sharma both remain on 32* & 15*.

Nathan Lyon almost secured two wicket-taking chances through good balls with the spin.

But both fieldsmen dropped these several catches as Rohit Sharma survives.

Although, Lyon provided the breakthrough this time on Ajinkya Rahane.

Lyon produced some turn going in-line before Rahane couldn’t execute the flick drive & tagged his lower leg-pad.

It easily matches the stumps with no review seen from Rahane as he goes back upstairs on 34.

Sharma batted on and secured his half-ton while Rishabh Pant’s aggressive approach in the mold of Adam Gilchrist continues.

Although, Sharma finished on 63 not out.

But the short ball play from Mitchell Starc saw Pant finish on 39 where he tried to hook for six before Usman Khawaja took the catch.

Not long later, Josh Hazlewood too employed in a similar pitch like Starc’s where Ravinder Jadeja edged straight to Tim Paine’s gloves on 4.

With enough hard work of batting on their plate, Virat Kohli called in for a declaration as the Indian bowlers warm-up for the 2nd Innings.

Final 1st Innings Score: India 7d-443

Australia’s Aaron Finch & Marcus Harris fired off slow and steady with six overs to close Day 2.

It may not be an immediate boundary like four of six just yet.

But at least, they’re just playing basics before aiming to score quickly from tomorrow morning.

For now, Finch & Harris finish off the day with three and five not out respectively.

Day 2 Stumps: Australia 0-8 & trails by 435 runs.

India’s Take

India’s batting performances looked top quality.

A few of their Top 7 armory remained patient very well and looked out for the long-haul.

Their attacking flair with a few things have made India’s run in the middle click:

  • Such as playing with the full straight bat shots
  • Use of the feet to connect the ball
  • Waiting for the ball to come to them

No matter how they select their shots or what the bowler is doing to throw at high speed, they never hesitated which is why India did very well.

Nearly two full days of batting saw enough of the gentle hits at the crease.

When the attention turned to the ball in hand, their approach too looked the same standard as the batting.

Keeping some zeros instead of ones is a good thing for India to move forward.

If they can continue to be aggressive and pick up early wickets, then they have a chance to extend their lead on the front foot.

Australia’s Take

On the other hand, Australia’s bowlers looked somewhat tired and expansive with a lack of fire.

A couple of dropped catches plus freebies have caused plenty of hurt regarding their fielding performances.

Having Peter Siddle on as the sub fielder while Pat Cummins recovers his ankle with ice may have dropped a bit of energy.

Yes, no offence regarding his age which he’s at 36.

But he needs to be ready at all times and walk in so Siddle can execute the catch well with soft two hands.

Though, great effort in helping out on the field as the drinks man.

Let’s hope Siddle is okay & doesn’t cop any hate on social media.

For now, Finch & Harris needs to be very patient as long as they can to aggressively respond what India set a while ago.

So no being lazy by reaching out and not willing to use footwork.

They should keep it simple if Finch & Harris want to reach past their half-tons by:

  • Maintaining the head position still & tall
  • Playing with gentle hands & fully swing using the straight bat to provide a maximum power
  • Wait for the ball to come to them no matter how fast they bowl

For now, Day 2 is done and dusted here at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

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