Test Cricket: 2018-19 Domain Test Series 3rd Test of Australia v India at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, Day 3 Afternoon Session Review


After the 40-minute break, it didn’t take India that long to tick off Australia’s fifth wicket loss.

Thanks to another outstanding yorker from Jasprit Bumrah, Travis Head left on 20.

Bumrah prepared and pitched in full and straight with the low bounce provided the rapid pace to smash the stumps.

At 140 clicks, Bumrah should be proud of his impressive work with three wickets in hand.

Unfortunately, for Head, it’s just a swing and a miss going too early plus he’s just lazy in his crease.

He failed to move in his feet as well as his head shaking a bit and not staying still.

Despite losing five wickets, Mitchell Marsh guided Australia to the 100 run mark.

At the same time, M. Marsh executed the hook shot past the vacant mid-wicket region for four.

The top order should learn a lesson or two when M.Marsh stayed tall & pressed forward.

He waited for the ball to come to him before he whacked with the full flat bat very well.

Hence, it provided maximum power which is the meat of how the bat should swing which did remain open.

Although, M.Marsh had to finish his spell on nine when Ravi Jadeja secured his 2nd wicket.

Jadeja went full and wide with no target of the stumps plus any variation of turn.

But M. Marsh loosely whacked a few meters from where he swung before Ajinkya Rahane caught at slip.

He should’ve left that delivery as M.Marsh backed away trying to flick through mid-wicket.

No, he didn’t provide the proper footwork by not moving much as well as not executing the flick fully open.

There are the reasons why M. Marsh made a mistake at the crease as Australia 6-106.

Tim Paine continued to bat classicly with the runs on the board by keeping it simple on 20*.

The same went to his batting partner in Pat Cummins.

But Mohammed Shami provided the breakthrough that India needed as Cummins left on 17.

Shami’s good with the used ball by pitching up a tad bounce and straight as it swung in-line with maximum pace.

And by targeting the off stump, Cummins defended a few meters apart between bat and pad.

Hence, the ball knicked the outside edge of Cummins before hitting the stumps.

Tea, Day 3: Australia 7-145

India’s take

The Indian bowlers continue to attack straight and targeting the stumps at all times.

Credit to Jasprit Bumrah & Mohammed Shami on preparing to make the batsman play at this main target.

It’s where Travis Head & Pat Cummins made mistakes in this region by defending improperly.

So did Ravi Jadeja in the spinning department with a wicket added in the second session.

And Virat Kohli’s field placement strategies continued to pay off as India lead the way.

Australia’s take

On the other hand, the only batsman who keeps himself simple is Tim Paine at No.7.

Paine doesn’t hesitate or play high-risk shots at this stage.

With Pat Cummins backing him up, Paine used every ball in the middle to grab the runs he requires even quick singles.

And the way he uses his flat bat at all times conveys why he doesn’t get out so quickly.

These are the lessons that the Australian top order must do next time is to play with a straight bat.

That way it’s a safe spot to get the runs needed plus quickly too in which the Indians batted well unlike Australia’s.

After the 20-minute break, Australia needs two targets to avoid disappointment against India by :

  • Scoring off more than 98 runs to avoid the follow-on.
  • Reach more than the 298 run trail target & bat a bit longer to give India a tough ask to bat again.

Otherwise, India needs three more wickets to wrap-up the 2nd Innings.

If they chose to follow-on, then Australia will bat again.

At the same time, India will have another chance to finish off the 3rd Test by bowling them all out early again.

And if they can do that, then they’ll leave Melbourne 2-1 heading into Sydney next week.

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