Domestic Cricket: Match 14 of the 2018-19 Big Bash League: Adelaide Strikers v Sydney Thunder Match Review at Adelaide Oval


Adelaide Strikers fired off with a good start after they won the bat flip & chose to bat first.

On the other hand, Sydney Thunder will field/bowl first after losing the bat flip.

We’re all set for a great New Year’s Eve night as it’s Match 14 of the 2018-19 Big Bash League at Adelaide Oval.

1st Innings

Though, Jake Weatherwald had to leave early on 11 when he whacked straight without moving his feet.

Jono Cook bowled an excellent straight line towards the stumps which is a high ball.

It made Weatherald hard to execute before it carried into the air when Cook had to dive and maintain that catch.

Alex Carey stayed on while Captain Colin Ingram came in the middle at No.3.

From there, Ingram & Carey formed a 50 run plus partnership through long periods in the middle.

Carey has the temperament to keep his head still and straightforward in his technical game.

Furthermore, Carey use of the hand-eye coordination allowed to move his feet a bit before he executed a few boundaries downtown as he achieved his 50 by the eighth over.

Although, Carey had to leave on 59 when Daniel Sams pitched a straight ball down wide before he chipped straight to Shane Watson’s hands at mid-on.

1st Innings, Overs 10 to 20

Ingram took over Carey’s lead from 37 & steered some hard-hitting runs himself.

The way he executes his shots looked classic having whacked well with the open bat.

Don’t forget his follow through each time when the ball travels past the rope does help him rack more quickfire runs for longer.

Hence, these two factors helped Ingram score 75 in this innings.

It’s a while that the Sydney Thunder couldn’t get rid of Ingram until the 16th over thanks to Fawad Ahmed.

Ahmed bowled well pitching up straight by targeting the stumps which produced a wrong-un plus maximum revs too.

That ball, at last, made Ingram scooped that sweep into the air & straight to the hands of Daniel Sams.

And under an over before the innings break, Daniel Sams too picked up his 2nd scalp on Matt Short (15).

Sams pitched up full and short before Short flicked one side into the air where Joe Root comfortably took the catch.

1st Innings Score: Adelaide Strikers 4-175

2nd Innings

Sydney Thunder needs 176 runs to win this game off 120 balls as we look forward to the 2nd Innings.

Nevertheless, they too fired off steadily well with Jos Buttler & Shane Watson scoring runs on the board.

But Peter Siddle split the Buttler-Watson stand as Buttler gone for 23 off 16 balls.

Siddle pitched up wide the short and straight bounce.

Buttler tried to whack off a pull shot through the square of the wicket.

However, he only reached out for the shot and followed straight up to Matt Short’s hands.

Shortly after the wicket of Buttler, Sydney Thunder reached the 50 run mark in six overs.

Not long later, Michael Neser ticked off Thunder’s 2nd wicket loss when Shane Watson left on 28.

Neser attacked full towards the stumps as Watson couldn’t find the rope for six.

Instead, Jake Weatherald threw the ball out from the rope and tossed to Jake Lehmann with the catch.

2nd Innings, Overs 10-20

Halfway into the 2nd innings, Thunder is on 2/77 with 99 runs to win off 60 balls.

Callum Ferguson stayed & scored some runs quickly on 23* as Joe Root joined him in the middle.

Root did score quickfire runs as Ferguson before Siddle dismissed him on 18.

Unfortunately, Root executed the flick shot straight off the stumps which proved challenging to implement.

That’s one of the reasons why that shot didn’t provide maximum power where Jake Weatherald took the catch at deep mid-wicket.

Not long later, Rashid Khan picked up Thunder’s 3rd wicket loss at the expense of Jason Sangha (2).

R.Khan pitched up a bit of turn going closer towards leg stumps before Sangha executed the flick shot incorrectly.

That’s the same mistake Sangha made when trying to score runs off the stumps.

That’s how it carried straight to Matt Short as he dedicated this match to his father who recently passed away.

Daniel Sams may have scored a couple of runs quickly before Khan dismissed him on 15.

Khan again threw the maximum revs going straight and full on that middle stump target.

In return, Sams couldn’t reach past the rope thanks to the catch from Jonathan Wells.

Callum Ferguson too tried to whack big so that he can achieve his half-ton.

But he picked the short ball incorrectly by reaching out the pull straight to Weatherald’s hands on 47.

FINAL SCORE: Sydney Thunder 6-155 & Adelaide Strikers win by 20 runs

Adelaide Strikers Performance

Great job from the Adelaide Strikers on their winning performance tonight.

You see two of their destructive left-handers on the show.

The way Colin Ingram and Alex Carey’s batting remained tall by executing the shots they want.

They didn’t reach out or being lazy.

It’s all about moving the feet closer to the ball and whack with the open flat bat via wide/bad balls.

No matter how they use their shots, they just kept it simple with the head staying still which is why they’ve helped the Striker reach 175.

Don’t forget their bowling looks impressive.

They like to attack the stumps and rotate some variety with the pace and short ball stuff.

It allowed Peter Siddle, Michael Neser & Rashid Khan to expose the Thunder’s batting when they had difficulty executing the cross-bat shots either out wide where the keeper’s at or the stumps.

Overall, the immunity of winning the bat flip has allowed the Strikers to gel & finish off 2018 with a win.

Sydney Thunder’s Performance

Well, their bowling didn’t attack the stumps enough having gone plenty of too full, straight or short balls.

It proved so easy for Alex Carey & Colin Ingram to acquire the runs past the rope.

In return, the Thunder had a difficult night meeting the Strikers target of 176.

Most of their batsman tried to score off from the middle of the stumps.

What they could’ve done is that they rather play off a straight bat or whack off by keeping the head still from the back foot.

Instead, they took the risky shots off from the air so it can go downtown for six.

It’s not a guarantee as there are a few fielders in place that took the catch very well.

Unfortunately, this strategy didn’t work as the loss of wickets effectively ended the Thunder’s hopes of winning this game.


Adelaide Strikers now ties in 3rd with the Sydney Thunder on 4 points plus two wins & losses each.

That’s it for now as we close off 2018 from Adelaide Oval with the fireworks on display.

Happy New Year and bring on 2019.

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