Domestic Cricket: Match 16 of the 2018-19 Big Bash League: Melbourne Stars v Melbourne Renegades 1st Innings Match Review at the Melbourne Cricket Ground


From the Gold Coast to Melbourne, it’s Match 16 of the 2018/19 Big Bash League Season.

The local crowd awaits at the Melbourne Cricket Ground where they host two of their big teams.

It’s the Stars v Renegades.

Melbourne Stars Skipper Glenn Maxwell called it roofs while Tom Cooper went for flats.

Maxwell won the bat flip and elected to bowl first.

1st Innings Part 1

Sam Harper & Mackenzie Harvey started slow and steady having first reached 50 together.

It deemed as the same route for the Renegades to move forward before Marcus Stoinis shredded Harvey on 21.

Stoinis pitched up short and wide towards the keepers’ hands as Harvey whacked the pull shot early.

Hence, it carried up into the air and straight into the hands of Glenn Maxwell.

Not long later, Adam Zampa dismissed Sam Harper on 30 as both Renegades Openers returned upstairs.

Zampa bowled beautifully straight with not much turn as the revs helped demolish the stumps.

It proved difficult for Harper to get that straight drive right as it’s only a swing and a miss.

Melbourne Stars began to eat up the Renegades Top 5 batting card.

First up, Stoinis secured his 2nd scalp when he pitched up short and straight which is the attacking way to target.

It made Mohammad Nabi a hard time to whack the pull shot off the middle of the crease.

It proved true when Nabi scooped the shot early & straight in the air to Maxwell’s hands on six.

Next up, Dwayne Bravo captured Cameron White on ten.

Bravo is again going for the short ball pitching up full before White flicked it without maintaining his shape.

If White flicked the shot while staying still, then he would’ve survived as Marcus Stoinis provided the safe collection of hands.

Thirdly, Tom Cooper who despite contributed a bit on ten when Sandeep Lamichhane clean bowled him.

Lamichhane pitched in the wrong-un with some turn angling straight before it knocked the off-stump.

Cooper couldn’t believe it when he whacked the cover drive without moving his feet.

That’s what got Cooper in trouble when he only reached out for the shot or just backing away.

1st Innings Part 2

Beau Webster & Dan Christan managed to regroup the Renegades earlier mistakes as they pile plenty of quick runs.

Though, Dwayne Bravo ended Christian’s innings on 32.

Bravo went for the slow ball going full towards the keeper before Christian whacking straight to Nick Larkin.

Christian should’ve left that delivery as he only reached out for the drive far from where the ball went.

With little space, Christian didn’t use his crease full enough to get past the rope.

The Renegades soon lost their sixth wicket when Scott Boland dismissed Jack Wildermuth on one.

Again, it provided some spice with a good length going wide where Wildermuth had trouble executing the pull shot towards Glenn Maxwell at long on.

So another mistake made from Wildermuth as it proved hard to execute without moving his feet.

Going into the next ball, Boland picked up his 2nd wicket on Beau Webster (19).

Webster couldn’t find the rope where it proved hard to whack from the off stump.

Again, Boland found an excellent area maintaining the length angling in straight on that golden target which did make the batsman make a mistake via a loose shot.

And within the 19th over of the 1st Innings, Dwayne Bravo dismissed Cameron Boyce on six.

Bravo went for the balanced straight length ball as Boyce couldn’t execute the pull properly & only just staying still where the ball scooped into the air towards Seb Gotch’s gloves.

Final 1st Innings Score: Melbourne Renegades 9-148

Melbourne Stars needs 149 runs to win this match after both teams took the mini-break.

Let’s look at the Stars bowling, the change of pace and length worked.

Whenever they bowl straight towards the keeper or the stumps, it made the Renegades batsmen hard to score off these areas.

That is the attacking way to get the job done as they lead the way here at the MCG.

On the other hand, the Renegades batting at the start looked positive.

But soon after both openers went back upstairs, they go a few steps forward & backward.

Their shot selection looked a lot risky when they had trouble requiring runs that come from the air.

They should’ve used their feet a bit more where the room of the crease is their best friend.

Another way they could’ve done better if they continue to keep it simple and score runs off a straight bat.

That way they could’ve controlled the innings a lot easier so they can build towards half-tons.

It’s something that most of the Renegades batsmen couldn’t do tonight.

With no sixes in mind and too much hesitation from whacking at the wrong time held the Renegades back under 150.

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