Domestic Cricket: Match 16 of the 2018-19 Big Bash League: Melbourne Stars v Melbourne Renegades 2nd Innings Match Review at the Melbourne Cricket Ground


Melbourne Stars begun their run chase after the ten-minute break with 149 runs required to win.

The opening pair of Marcus Stoinis and Ben Dunk fired off nicely with runs on the board.

It did mirror the same start that their opening pair of Sam Harper & Mackenzie Harvey did with the Renegades.

Though, Stoinis controlled his shots nicely when he knicked the late cut towards the vacant third man for four.

Don’t forget Stoinis did pull off a straight drive shot for six when he whacked hard while keeping his head position still.

Stoinis did move his feet and position his front foot closer to the ball.

His approach of keeping it simple off an open bat face is the way to go.

It took a while for the Renegades to snatch their first wicket until Sam Harper stumped Ben Dunk on 32.

Cameron Boyce pitched up short with a bit of turn angling in straight and towards Harper’s gloves.

Dunk looked gutted when he couldn’t whack the sweep far from where the ball landed without moving his feet.

And that allowed Harper to cash in quickly on that stumping as Dunk failed to back up his crease.

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2nd Innings, Part 2

Halfway into the 2nd Innings, Stoinis ran hard to grab two quick runs.

Although, Stoinis has survived.

But Nick Larkin didn’t touch past the line when Mohammad Nabi 30 meters directly threw the stumps as he left on three.

Larkin’s replacement, Glenn Maxwell came in and scored runs quickly.

At the same time, Stoinis achieved his 50 off 35 balls.

He controlled the new ball nicely where he’s able to rotate the strike such as quick singles to whacking off big shots.

Plus he kept his technical game simple at the crease by maintaining the shape mainly within his head position.

At last, Cameron Boyce may have captured Glenn Maxwell on 33 for the Renegades.

It’s a straight ball delivery that pitched in-line and turned towards Harper’s gloves.

Maxwell went too deep far forward as it swung and missed as Harper delivered his 2nd stumping.

But that wicket didn’t arrest the Melbourne Stars’ hopes of winning the Melbourne Derby on New Year’s Day.

Marcus Stoinis has hit the winning the runs as he guided the Stars on a match-winning performance at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

FINAL SCORE: Melbourne Stars 3-151 & win by seven wickets.

Commiserations to the Renegades after their loss tonight.

Their bowling didn’t compensate what the batting failed to do in this innings.

They threw plenty of too full, short and straight balls without too much spice.

On the other hand, the Stars kept their batting simple.

Credit to Marcus Stoinis on getting the job done with a few wickets plus getting to bat for this entire innings.

The way he keeps his head still plus moving his feet firmly under his eyes helped him whack off closer to where the ball went.

Plus his calmness and aggressive approach have let the bat do the talking by whacking downtown with all the necessary placements employed at the crease.

Also, credit to the other Stars batsmen who has scored dashes of runs by not whacking cross-bat shots too much & rotating the strike in which the Renegades has done poorly during the 1st Innings.

If the Renegades was to bounce back next time, then they should stick to basics regarding the technique at all times.

That way the placement they should employ the open bat shots & not being lazy by using the crease will do to get the job done.

In return, they should whack closer to towards the ball, so it’s hard for the fielder to catch and provide maximum power.

Furthermore, it can set the opposition a hard task to respond in which they failed to do tonight.


Melbourne Stars move up to joint 3rd in the ladder alongside the Sydney Thunder.

The Stars so far experienced with two recent wins & two losses on four points.

They’re two points behind the Sydney Sixes in 2nd and four points from the leaders, Hobart Hurricanes.

On the other hand, Melbourne Renegades sit 6th with two wins and losses together at four points.

You can view the full Big Bash Ladder via the link here.

For now, Match 16 of the Melbourne Derby in the 2018/19 KFC Twenty20 Big Bash League has finished off on a great night of family-friendly fun and entertainment here from the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

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