2018-19 Domain Tests: 4th Test of Australia v India, Day 3 Morning Session Review at the Sydney Cricket Ground


Australia resumes on 0-24 in Day 3 of the 2018-19 Domain Tests here at the Sydney Cricket Ground.

It’s also Pink Day where we pay tribute to the life of Glenn McGrath’s wife, Jane.

Since Jane’s death over breast cancer in 2008, every 3rd Day of the Sydney Test dedicates after her.

The McGrath Foundation looks to raise over $1 million, so they fund towards adding more breast care nurses and research.

If you want to donate, you can support his cause by going to the McGrath Foundation website.

Morning Session

Marcus Harris was about to make a mistake when he whacked the straight drive early.

But KL Rahul dropped the catch at mid-on confirming the ball bounced closer to his hand.

He said no as everyone clapped him on demonstrating excellent sportsmanship.

Marcus Harris continues to bat simple and whack off bats everywhere by presenting the open bat face.

At the same time, Australia & Harris-Khawaja stand helped move past the 50 run mark.

Not long later, Khawaja whacked it early without the open bat face from the stumps as it carried straight to Cheteshwar Pujara.

Khawaja’s head didn’t stay still plus his footwork doesn’t plant closer to the ball.

Kuldeep Yadav gets his first wicket where be bowled straight by targeting the off stump which made Khawaja hard to execute past the fielder.

K. Yadav’s not turning too much having put the revs on which is a good start for India.

Harris later backed up his 2nd 50 off 67 balls in his Test career.

This opener has remained calm and composed by playing plenty of straight bat shots & blocking off good balls.

That way it’s makes the bowlers difficult to dismiss Harris as long as he closely connects the dots between bat & ball.

It’s how he plays late as possible with the bat, so the bat provides lots of power & score runs.

Day 3 Lunch: Australia 1-122 & Trails by 500 runs

India’s Take

India should pitch up straighter to make the Kookaburra ball click.

That’s what the fast bowlers need to do to throw yorkers, short balls across the stumps & knuckle balls.

Though, credit to spinner Kuldeep Yadav.

Yadav bowled straighter by putting the revs on to make the ball faster before Khawaja whacked it too early from the stumps.

Making a batsman score runs off good balls does make the bowler & fielder win this wicket.

It’s something India need to do after lunch to attack the stumps more so they can pick up quick wickets.

Australia’s Take

Image Caption: cricket.com.au

On the other hand, Australia’s remaining patient.

Marcus Harris so far has done very well on 77* by playing a lot of straight bat shots.

So no T20 style shots or risk involved going into the air.

Whether he’s attacking or blocking with the head staying still, that’s how Harris survived in the middle.

Marnus Labuschagne maybe a gamble made by the selectors.

But Labuschagne fired off well with two fours as well as backing Harris up on 18*.

Pretty much it’s Labuschagne’s natural position at first-drop having scored lots of runs for his state, Queensland.

He stays tall and bats plenty of low-ground shots, so Labuschagne doesn’t take a lot of risk towards opening the edge or into the air.


If Labuschagne can stay by the tea time break, then he will, at last, get his 50.

So will Marcus Harris on his debut 100.

It’s still a long way to go from Australia in trying to respond to India’s 1st Innings total.

Otherwise, if India cleans up Australia’s 1st Innings stint quickly like last week, then they’re in a good position way up front.

But the young talent Australia has got in their batting armor has made some progress moving forward.

It may be the answer to solve their long-running batting problems in the middle finally.

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