2019 1st One-Day International Match: Australia v India 2nd Innings Review at Sydney Cricket Ground


Australia immediately went off to a great start when Jason Behrendorff dismissed Shikhar Dhawan.

Behrendorff bowled nice and straight when the kookaburra ball swung towards the stumps.

That way Dhawan couldn’t execute the flick shot which is why good balls aren’t worth to score runs off the stumps.

So Dhawan had to pay the price when the ball tagged his pad before the Umpire gave the signal for a first ball duck.

Not long later, Jhye Richardson got rid of Virat Kohli on three as India lost two wickets.

Once again, Richardson bowled a yorker length pitching low bounce straight with high speed.

Kohli made a mistake flicking the shot towards the mid-wicket region early.

Plus he isn’t keeping the head still having half whacked straight to Marcus Stoinis.

The best option for Kohli is if he should block the ball with a straight bat next time.

Richardson later secured his 2nd wicket when he got rid of Ambati Rayadu for a duck.

Like the previous wicket, Richardson has kept the length decent before swinging the straight ball onto the leg stump.

Rayadu should’ve defended with a fully open straight bat alongside the front pad close together.

It conveys that Rayadu didn’t correctly read the bowler having lunge forward for the defense.

He should’ve waited a bit longer and let the bat block down low to stop that good ball hit his pad or the stumps.

2nd Innings Part 2

Rohit Sharma and MS Dhoni fired off and had scored runs gently to keep their partnership.

R.Sharma have recovered from India’s early mess by taking his time with patience.

He danced around when he used the crease from the vision of his eyes to read the bowler & whack the loose balls downtown as he secured his 50 off 63 balls.

Not long later, the Sharma & Dhoni stand reached the 100 run mark for India.

MS Dhoni followed R.Sharma to a 50 himself as he did a great job supporting him in the middle.

Not only that, Dhoni kept it calm and played plenty of shots of the open bat face.

It made Dhoni rotate the strike as well as keeping the head still to beat the bowler & fielder.

Australia, at last, split the Sharma-Dhoni stand when Behrendorff dismissed Dhoni on 52.

Behrendorff bowled an excellent length swinging straight towards the stumps to provide the maximum speed.

Dhoni looked away when he didn’t move at all as it swung and missed the flick shot before it tagged his leg pad.

Like some of the batsmen who got out earlier, it’s hard to score runs off a good ball especially at the middle of the crease.

Although, Dhoni would’ve stayed if he reviewed which would’ve pitched outside leg despite hitting the stumps.

Not long later, Richardson clean bowled Dinesh Karthik on 12 with a good length swinging in straight towards the attacking target.

Karthik went too deep and whacked without his head staying tall struggling to know where the ball went which chopped onto the stumps.

Sharma stayed on and converted from a 50 to 100 as India need 109 runs to win off 60 balls.

Image Caption: cricket.com.au

2nd Innings Part 3

Richardson picked up his 4th wicket when he dismissed Ravi Jadeja on eight.

It’s a short ball play going wide and some spice angling straight where Jadeja didn’t move his feet & jumped for the cut shot.

And it didn’t go past the rope as Shaun Marsh took the catch with India 6-213.

With 27 balls to go, Marcus Stoinis ended Rohit Sharma’s fine knock of 133 off 128 deliveries.

Stoinis swung in straight with the right length before R.Sharma pulled without the use of feet towards Glenn Maxwell.

Peter Siddle took a late wicket on Kuldeep Yadav in his return to One Day International Cricket for the first time in eight years.

The last ODI wicket he took was against Tillakaratne Dilshan of Sri Lanka in 2010.

And Glenn Maxwell’s catch on the dismissal of Mohammed Shami completed Australia’s first One-Day win of 2019.

Final Score: India 8-254 & Australia win by 34 runs

Australia’s Take

Australia has done well with a few wickets that come from the stumps, LBW and catches.

They’re able to change the pace and make the Kookaburra ball attack whether it’s the short ball, yorker or slow ball as long as it makes the batsman play which proved difficult for them tonight.

Credit to Jhye Richardson who brought plenty of fire at just 22 years old as he has a long future ahead in Test, One-Day & Twenty20.

It’s an excellent opportunity to see a bright quickie perform while the three main seamers of Mitchell Starc, Pat Cummins & Josh Hazlewood took a rest.

The same goes from ODI debutant Jason Behrendorff.

Behrendorff’s too good at making the ball attack the stumps with pace which held up the LBWs of Shikhar Dhawan & MS Dhoni.

India’s Take

Rohit Sharma & MS Dhoni has stayed calm & used the feet very well to let the ball come to him even at high speed.

They also made the bat click past the fielder as long as the head/follow through stays still.

It provided the perfect placement as long as the bat face remained open which saw them control the crease & stumps well.

That’s how they scored a pile of runs tonight.

However, the rest of the batting card looked poor.

They need to defend down low or at least make up straight bat shots going down the ground.

If so, some of their batsmen shouldn’t take their eyes off the ball as well as score runs off the stumps.

That way India would’ve seen Kohli, Rayadu and Dhawan score at least 30 and up or mirror to what Dhoni & Sharma achieved tonight.

You can’t score runs when you jump/lunge and let the bat fly forward to build a wall without the pad coming in together.

Next time, keep the technique simple by waiting for the ball to come to them before using the head to let the shot selection rotate.

If they can do that, then they’re in a real chance to win.

Starting with high-risk shots saw Australia capitalize a couple of early wickets and they deserve the win.


Australia leaves Sydney tonight and leads the three-match ODI Series 1-0 v India.

The next game between the two sides will be at Adelaide Oval on Tuesday where the play will begin LIVE at 2.20 PM AEDT.

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