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Erik Jones & the No.20 Joe Gibbs Racing Crew prepares to play tough v the Big boys in 2019

So far Erik Jones hasn’t unveiled some special event schemes at this stage for his No.20 Joe Gibbs Racing Team.

We’ll wait and see as the races progressed go by during this season.

But the only paint scheme Erik Jones & Co. has got for this year is the DeWalt design.

It’s with great honor that DeWalt has once again returned as his Primary Partner for the second straight year.


He may be the only youngster at JGR considering there are three other experienced drivers ahead of him.

You’re looking at Kyle Busch, Denny Hamlin and the newcomer in Martin Truex Jr.

But it doesn’t matter which abilities they have got as Erik Jones is about to set his targets for 2019, his way.

First of all, consistent Top 7-10s would be the way to go in the first few races.

Though, everyone wouldn’t mind if Jones can pull off another miracle at Daytona considering he won at this track before seven months ago.

So of course, there’s no reason why Jones can’t win the Daytona 500 in the next three weeks.

Apart from that, Jones can be the late race puller like restarting from 10th & finish 4th as long as he doesn’t get involved in wrecks.

And if Jones can be in a super fast car all weekend long, then he will be right in the mix for race wins.

Where do you think he will finish in 2019?

He will, of course, make the Playoffs as long a win or consistent Top 10s is there on his sleeve.

Though, Jones will get through the first two Rounds of the Playoffs this time providing that he can post consistent Top 5-7s.

That could’ve happened last year if he didn’t get involved in a wreck with Kevin Harvick at Las Vegas.

Since that wreck, he had to battle so hard from the ground up which saw him fail to reach the 2nd round:

  • 11th, Richmond
  • 30th, Charlotte Roval

But now, he has learned his lessons & will get there safely with plenty of back-up plans involved towards the semi-final events.

So anywhere in the Top 8 on the Drivers’ Standings will be great for Jones to consider a successful year.


The more competition it takes, the better will be for Jones to learn from Truex/Busch/Hamlin & emulate their achievements in the years to come.

It’s what makes JGR so unique which is to produce young talent where Jones worked very hard from Trucks to XFINITY and all the way at Cup.

He may not have an XFINITY Series Championship despite winning the Trucks three years ago.

However, it doesn’t automatically predict that Jones cannot win the Cup Championship.

He has One Win, Nine Top 5 & Eighteen Top 10 last year as it sounded not too bad considering it’s his first year at JGR.

Though, he can still change to even better figures with room for improvement.

Erik Jones still works hard every day whether if it’s at home or the JGR race shop to be the best driver he can be.

He has plenty of support that will help him reach and stay at the top with Rick Carelli (Spotter) & Chris Gayle (Crew Chief).

So for every That Jones Boy fan out there reading this post, The No.20 Team will be revved up big time to help this number win this Championship.

The last time the No.20 numberplate won this feat was back in 2005 with Tony Stewart at the helm.

Well, Jones can break that 14-year Champion-less streak for this team as well as a significant achievement forward of any kind himself should he advance to the Championship 4 Finale & win this race at Homestead.

For now, do not write him off as one of the critical drivers amongst youngsters and big-time players to watch in 2019.

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