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Formula 1 official website recognized Scott Dixon as one of the best racers outside the pinnacle of this sport

Reference: Wikipedia via OmahaMH (CC.BY.30)

At last, the official Formula 1 website community recognized the illustrious IndyCar & Sports Car career of Scott Dixon.

When former NBC Sports Formula 1 reporter Will Buxton penned this column, he named Dixon as one of the successful racers outside of the top open-wheel racing of this category.

Well, it’s good that the then BMW Williams F1 squad at the time gave Dixon a test run early on in 2004.

Yes, he may have set the pace as alright, which is reasonable considering Dixon’s faster than some of the drivers.

But the bad weather & a broken driveshaft on the 3rd and final day of testing, unfortunately, closed the door for Dixon to jump into the elite world of Formula 1.

And even though Sir Frank Williams lauded his work ethic and motivation, sticking with someone with plenty of experience in Formula 1 has to be a safe pair of hands option to move this organization forward.

Reference: Wikipedia via Sarah Stierch (CC.BY.40)

Anyway, looking at his five IndyCar Championships, 3 24 Hours of Daytona winner & Indy 500 win in 2008, this man’s credibility is massive and done it with the use of merit rather than being parachuted straight into Formula 1 without much evidence of results/championships via the tremendous financial support that some Formula 1 team now gladly accept into their accounts these days.

A midfield organization with broader horizons at least would be comfortable for him; that way, Dixon can set his vision to establish himself in Formula 1 at his own pace.

Though, not a backmarker that will waste his credibility on the race track.

It’s something any IndyCar driver must be warned about in the near future if they still fancy moving to Formula 1.

Reference: Wikipedia via Sarah Stierch (CC.BY.40)

Instead, all Dixon wants to do at the end of the day is walk away with silverware, and that’s what kept him happy for his entire life.

So Bravo to Dixon on reaping up more merit while the world of Formula 1 focuses more on collecting checks off drivers’ massive financial support & focus on technology rather than ways to make racing simpler again to make it entertaining as it used to be 20-30 years ago.

And regarding Dixon’s career, well, he still has plenty to offer to achieve much more in IndyCar at the age of 39.

That will be tying or even surpassing AJ Foyt’s record of seven drivers’ championship titles in the history of American Open Wheel Racing before he retires.

So keep an eye out on him whenever the new IndyCar season resumes while the world is working together on slowing the spread of the coronavirus.

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