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Racing Point will still become Aston Martin F1 Team in 2021 despite COVID-19, looking back at their 2019 runs before looking into 2020 & 2021

Artes Max via Wikipedia, CC.BY.SA.2.0

Despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Racing Point’s planned transition to becoming the Aston Martin F1 Team is still going ahead in 2021.

It’s such good news for Aston Martin car lovers and Formula 1 fans out there who want to see their cars race in traditional British racing green color paint schemes.

Just to clarify how Aston Martin will race next year, the engines that Racing Point currently uses, which is the Mercedes Benz power will remain unchanged.

So there’s no need for Aston to throw some of the cash and develop its engine. 

They should focus on getting back on track with the road cars they sell on hand after a near-certain risk of death for the business a few months back if the much-needed funding from new investors (Lawrence Stroll, who runs Racing Point) didn’t come to fruition.

2019 Performances under Racing Point 

Looking back at their runs last year, It was a long time coming building brick by brick from scratch after the previous owner under Force India, Vijay Mallya faced financial difficulties during mid-2018 before Lawrence Stroll & his investment team gave this organization a lifeline so it can still compete at the top level of F1.

So it wasn’t as extraordinary at P7 in 2019 as a whole team as it was two years ago when the then Force India team came home 4th in the Teams’ Championship on a limited budget.

But again, you still got the experienced Sergio Perez making decent consistent runs as the leader of this group.

For most of the European leg, Perez did have an up and down run until after the mid-season break when he was able to rediscover his magic with back to back Top 10s:

  • 10th, Bahrain
  • 8th, China
  • 6th, Azerbaijan 
  • 6th, Belgium
  • 7th, Italy

Then towards the flyaways and end of 2019, bar the poor 19th place finish in Singapore, Perez held on very well in the end with decent showings to justify his drivers’ standings place in 10th:

  • 7th, Russia
  • 9th, Japan
  • 7th, Mexico
  • 10th, USA
  • 9th, Brazil
  • 7th, Abu Dhabi
Artes Max via Flickr Images, 21/2/2019

Then you got Lawrence’s son Lance into the 2nd seat alongside Perez.

L. Stroll may have got a few decent results here and there:

  • 9th, Australia & Azerbaijan 
  • 4th, Germany
  • 10th, Belgium

Some of his runs between the back end of the European races & before the last three races of the year looked okay.

However, most of the time, L.Stroll was outperformed by Perez.


Whenever the coronavirus ends, Racing Point would need to at least target 6th or above this year as a whole team.

Regarding the drivers, if Perez can show consistency all season & bag a podium or two, then this will be a real improvement for him, especially he’s at the peak at age 30.

L.Stroll, after a full season with his dad’s team, can hopefully learn the lessons from last year and rediscover what he did in 2017 when he scored a 3rd place run in Azerbaijan.

Alberto-g-rovi via Wikipedia, CC.BY.30

If L.Stroll can provide plenty of competition to his team-mate then that way it’ll be healthy for Racing Point to be up ahead of the three teams:

  • Alpha Tauri (old Toro Rosso) 
  • McLaren
  • Renault

Should Racing Point finish ahead of these three teams by season’s end, well watch this space coming in 2021 when Aston Martin takes on the other luxury/sports car brands in the fight for the big three teams in Formula 1.

It would be a dream step forward for them to become the new Red Bull/Mercedes and dominate this decade.

But first, they need to overcome McLaren and Renault of whom they both resurrected themselves, have decent driver line-ups on board & have the same clear targets as Racing Point.

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