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Top 3 best IndyCar medium to small team performers at the 2020 Genesys 300

It’s fantastic to see out the first night of the new IndyCar Season.

We’ve seen some thrills and spills at times where some of the drivers from the big car teams like Felix Rosenquvist in the No.10 Ganassi drop out.

Instead, the midfield to small organization drivers’ took their opportunity with both hands & accrued as many top points as possible.

The top 3 drivers who deserved the best in this category are:

Ed Carpenter

Image Reference: Greg2600 via Flickr, 26/6/16,

His No.20 race car went off to a flying start from Row 7 to the Top 10 around Lap 25-30.

From there, Carpenter was able to benefit from the yellow flag cautions.

With no adverse effects from the race car, Carpenter used most of his vast oval experience with patience.

And that helped him remain that decisive run in the top half for the rest of the night, which reflected his durable finish in P5.

Conor Daly

Conor Daly attending the 2015 Indianapolis 500 SarahStierech via Wikipedia on 3rd Image, 24/5/15 (CC BY 4.0)

From the 10th Row, Conor’s No.59 Carlin race car didn’t move much, having battled at the back end earlier on.

But the Rinus Veekay-Alex Palou incident on Lap 37 turned Daly’s night around.

Having survived all of the yellow flags, it aided him to challenge inside the Top 10 mark through 2/3rds of the race distance.

Yes, he may have had some challenges along the way from his road course boss Ed Carpenter as well as fend off Marcus Ericsson.

But at least he’s happy to take home P6 thanks to the Felix Rosenquvist late drama towards Turn 2.

His work rate & talent is impressive thanks to this superior race car that allowed Daly to refresh himself at restarts, which saw him win a lot of spots as well as retain his top-half run via some clean air on all corners.

Oliver Askew

He may have started on the 10th row & not have progressed much as he liked in the first half of the night.

But like the two other drivers mentioned above, Askew wasn’t involved in any of the carnage.

That pit stop while yellow before the halfway mark improved some places up closer to the Top 10 mark for most of the time.

It may not have been possible if Askew finished outside the Top 10 had the race end up completely uninterrupted.

But the Felix Rosenquvist late incident credited Askew’s positive displays on the short runs during the final restart before he locked in the 9th spot.


Congratulations to all three drivers mentioned in the Top 3 best medium to small team performers at Texas Motor Speedway.

Ed Carpenter loves the drive of ovals that reflect his best ability to add some competition both midfield and up front in this series.

We would’ve love to see him race full-time again, having stepped away from road courses a few years ago.

But you can’t beat his experience and passion at these tracks like Texas, which proved right tonight.

Next up, his road course lynchpin Conor Daly.

A new start, a new beginning is what Conor wanted to do to achieve his personal best.

After two years of running part-time, he’s back on the full-time circle.

With the lessons learned beforehand, Daly didn’t make a single mistake.

Thanks to the superior race car on hand for most of the race, it allowed Daly to use all of the tools possible that aided him the best start of 2020 & leave Texas on a fantastic note.

And Oliver Askew remained so patient for the entirety of the night.

He may not have the fastest car on display.

But with some big team mistakes & Askew didn’t, it helped him correct his pit and race tactics during the yellow flag breaks before he leads the Rookie of the Year battle in the Top 10.

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