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Top 3 limited budget NASCAR Cup Series drivers at the 2020 Pocono Organics 325

Image Reference: Dough4872 via Wikipedia, 10/6/17, CC BY 3.0

Today’s Pocono Organics 325 looked mostly a green flag filled day.

Thanks to some drivers at the top half experienced issues with the equipment plus the spins, these limited-budget drivers have their rewards in place of them.

And it’s time to find out who deserved the most out of the Top 3 in this category.

Christopher Bell

Image Reference: RoyalBroil via Wikipedia 27/8/17, CC BY 4.0

He caught up very well at the start from the 36th spot to closer to the Top 25 mark in the first half of the opening stage.

After the competition caution, he moved up a few spots before the late Quin Houff caution in the lead up towards Stage 2 saw him finish in 35th.

Yes, to avoid confusion, he wasn’t involved with Houff, but at this stage, it’s not worrying too much as the rest of the day’s work is a priority.

It helped him so much when he bounced back to where he was last time during the next restart & made decent progress ever since.

Thanks to a decent No.95 Toyota Camry on display, Bell moved up to 11th midway in this middle stage & had an extended run in the Top 10.

Although, two late cautions in the lead up towards the halfway distance saw Bell finish 12th.

But again, with no cautions oversaw on the run home, Bell running decent equipment allowed him to run some clean air inside the Top 5 before he struck another fantastic performance in P4.

Michael McDowell

Image Reference: Zach Catanzareti via Wikipedia, 13/11/18, CC BY 2.0

From 26th, McDowell started steadily well, having gained two spots & stayed there within the Top 25 mark for the entire opening stage.

In Stage 2, nothing much or negative has changed in the Top 20 for most of the time.

Though, the two late cautions saw him finish 13th towards the halfway mark.

In the end, thanks to mostly a green flag Saturday, McDowell’s equipment looked decent with no symptoms involved via the clean air, where he had an extended run-up front before the final pit stop of the day.

From there, he pulled off another Top 10 run in 8th thanks to a late issue from Joey Logano that saw him visit the pit road late.

Ricky Stenhouse, Jr.

Image Reference: Zach Catanzareti via Wikipedia, 9/5/18, CC BY 2.0

Stenhouse always had the best of starts having run closer to the Top 10 during the first run before the competition caution.

Although, the late Quin Houff spin saw him pit before Stage 2, where he dropped off towards the back end of the field.

During each of the most filled green flag runs, he’s solid thanks to the excellent equipment needed to pass as many places as possible.

It worked well for him, having returned to the Top 20 mark midway in Stage 2.

Yes, in some areas, the late two cautions in the lead up towards Stage 3 held him back a bit.

But in the end, he bounced back patiently.

I know he would’ve liked to finish much higher considering his impressive performance last week in P2 at Talladega.

It would’ve worked the same today if he survived and everyone else ahead of him unexpectedly bows out.

Though, on a quiet day like this, he’s okay to take out the result in P17.


Congratulations to all three drivers who do well out of this category today at Pocono.

Again, another fantastic drive from this youngster in Christopher Bell.

His hard work combined with the fantastic equipment allowed him to demonstrate the usual craft that helped him strike big in the No.95 machine for Leavine Family Racing.

Look out for him going into tomorrow if he can keep up his impressive form like he did today.

McDowell, again fairly consistent out of the limited budget cars for Front Row Motorsports.

A great No.34 Ford Mustang on mostly a green flag day saw him build a patient base at the start.

Later on, he reaped up the rewards he wanted, in the end, thanks to a few of the significant team drivers dropped out unexpectedly that saw him earn a top-half finish.

And on Ricky Stenhouse Jr.

He ran very well at times under green.

Although, the incident-filled cautions saw Stenhouse & his No.47 crew re-think regarding race and pit strategy, which saw him lose spots.

Yes, he would’ve like to do better if these unexpected yellow flag hold-ups didn’t happen.

But he recovered in the end and ran quietly towards the back end of the Top 20.

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