2020 Super Rugby Aotearoa: Selecting the Top 3 with a combination of The Crusaders & Chiefs Players


Image Reference: Geof Wilson via Wikipedia, 12/7/12, CC BY 2.0

This afternoon’s matchup is a close one when the Crusaders host The Chiefs.

Both teams have played well for the whole time.

But in the end, as usual, one team usually has to bow out as the winners.

Though, we have our Top 3 out of the best players from both teams combined.

Will Jordan

I liked the way Will Jordan used his pace that demonstrated powerful finishing skills on the run home.

Jordan never lost a ball along the way.

He’s young, energetic, and physical. He ticks all the boxes that the Crusaders need in their attacking masterclass.

Thanks to his fellow attacking troops like Sevu Reece around him, Jordan picked up two decent Tries today.

Sam Cane

Image Reference: David Molloy via Wikipedia, 19/8/17, CC BY 2.0

When Cane came back after a while from injury, he has changed the game for the boys from Waikato.

The defensive blocks improved in some areas, such as the build-up play in attack.

It made them win a few penalties where Cane helped his forward colleagues expose the Crusaders’ errors in defense.

Unfortunately, despite doing so well in a losing side, it’s just a lack of help from the backline that let Cane down.

With that said, the forward line’s work alone couldn’t arrest the Crusaders’ free-flowing attacking play.

Plus, their finishing looked out of hand that saw The Chiefs fell short.

Codie Taylor

Image Reference: David Molloy via Wikipedia, 19/8/17, CC BY 2.0

Credit to Codie Taylor on protecting his front line troops for the men from Christchurch.

He had to tighten it up into the last 20 minutes of the night.

Yes, at times, they may have first feared that the Chiefs’ build-up will split them into pieces.

But their lack of finishing such as the short pass hold-ups under pressure saw Taylor & his frontline men swallow that remedy.

Final Wrap-Up

All in all, the Crusaders attacking masterclass saw Will Jordan unleash his robust execution with two tries alone.

In the defense, Codie Taylor, with the support of his front line troops fended off an excellent build-up play from The Chiefs.

Having read the away team’s poor finishing, they’re able to close off the afternoon with another unbeaten note.

And on Sam Cane.

His presence, both as the skipper, saw some improvements in the defense and attack.

But again, a lack of support from mainly the backline identified a lack of fight on the final third.

That means The Chiefs couldn’t get any late touchdowns which could’ve saw them take home the upset.

For now, the Crusaders look on to continue its unbeaten streak when they visit Dunedin on Saturday.

On the other hand, The Chiefs will need to win games, so they don’t finish out in 2020 as disappointed.

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