2020 Super Rugby Aotearoa, Week 4: Selecting the Top 3 players with the Chiefs & Hurricanes combined


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The first 40 easily went the Hurricanes way with just one penalty goal from the opposition (Chiefs).

Although, the Chiefs came out of nothing very late in the match.

But it’s still not enough to snatch the last-minute win from the Hurricanes with another loss on hand.

With Week 4 of Super Rugby Aotearoa now done & dusted, we look at the three best overall players on the show tonight.

Through a mix of brilliant displays via the pacey backline & muscley forwards that teared up the defense, it’s time to reveal them.

Jordie Barrett

First up, it’s the returning Jordie Barrett for the Hurricanes where he’s so flexible at full-back position for the entire time tonight.

Not just the kicking that Jordie is good at, but the playmaking skills and helping out his troops via the first pass from TJ Perenara.

Their forwards’ muscle power in the ruck allowed time for Perenara to navigate out wide to Jordie & help them finish off spotless where the Chiefs struggled to lock these blocks.

That way, it reflects most of the Hurricanes’ attacking display, which saw them win in the end.

Kobus Van Wyk

Second up, it’s Kobus Van Wyk.

As said now about Jordie’s versatile presence at the back, it helped Van Wyk so much.

Thanks to the accurate balls fed to him via the set-up phases, he unleashed his pace and physical power on the run home.

So Van Wyk credits Jordie & Perenara for the much-needed assistance that made him enter the Chiefs’ danger gate and leave them frustrated.

Hopefully, the duo’s performance tonight will carry into the 2nd half of this Super Rugby NZ campaign.

Lachlan Boshier

Lastly, we go into the home team with Lachlan Boshier.

With the help of Sam Cane in the same line as Boshier in the forwards’ department, it helped the Chiefs plant out the set phases as well as won a few penalties that allowed Damian McKenzie to finish off his kicking.

In the last 20 minutes of the night, their combined efforts alongside the backline were finally running.

It allowed the whole squad to expose the Hurricanes’ defensive mistakes that sent Scott Scrafton off with the red card & the penalty TRY.

A little later, the continued build-up with the forwards & backline working together saw Aaron Cruden spreading towards the left-hand side.

That helped the successful feed to Boshier, who pulled off his meaty forwards strength plus the running with the TRY.

But unfortunately, despite Boshier did his best in a losing team, it’s the lack of support mainly from the backline that didn’t do the finishing properly that left his forward troops defend under a lot of difficulties.

Final Thoughts

All in all, the Hurricanes finally get their first win of the 2020 Super Rugby Aoteroa.

So credit to the returning Jordie Barrett, who gave his troops his secret ingredients that left the Chiefs defense wanting.

They need Jordie’s help with the remaining games to play in this competition, starting against the Highlanders next Sunday.

If they can beat the Dunedin boys, then they have a chance to catch up towards the elite.

For the Chiefs, their forwards need the support from the backline from now on so they can win games.

Tonight’s showing did some excellent action very late but still not good enough from the start.

What’s worse for the men in Waikato now is that they head to a bye without a win.

After that, the Chiefs face the Highlanders all over again at home & they would hope to go one better with a much-needed win.

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