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NASCAR Cup Series: 2020 All-Star Race Open & Main Event Debrief

Image Reference: CJudd76 via Wikipedia, CC BY 3.0

It looked to be quiet most of the time during the Preliminary All-Star Heats at Bristol Motor Speedway initially in the first half of Stage 1.

Though that incident with 17 to go had divided mixed opinion when Bubba Wallace thought Michael McDowell took him out and later had revenge taking his splitter off his hauler.

In my opinion, William Byron did launch that bump to McDowell when McDowell didn’t have any control keeping his race car straight. So Bubba may have done this revenge a bit off the mark, but again it’s not entirely McDowell’s fault.

When we got back to racing under ten to go, Aric Almirola emerged unbeaten at the end that saw him win that main event ticket.

There may be some carnage a little later when the next restart started and stopped immediately. Still, nothing much happened afterward with William Byron again unstoppable despite that minor damage on his left rear quarter panel.

Matt DiBenedetto became the last driver to hold that primary event qualification during the last stage of the All-Star heats at Bristol Motor Speedway.

After a while of a good old conversation hearing Darrell Waltrip talking to Mike Joy, Jeff Gordon, and Larry McReynolds, it’s time to go boogity, boogity, boogity, let’s go racing boys in the big 140 lap showdown.

Initially, there may be spin from Kurt Busch earlier on from the bump off Brad Keselowski, but apart from that, Ryan Blaney performed unbeaten in Stage 1.

Though the start of Stage 2 didn’t work for him having chosen the outside line, he lost a couple of spots combined with the left-side tires gamble backfired.

That’s where Chase Elliott took over and remained quiet for the second mini-win even though the Ryan Newman caution didn’t affect him.

In the end, Ryan Blaney may have taken the wave around as another chance to try and foil Elliott and regain the lead at the start of Stage 3.

But again, that plan didn’t work as Elliott became unstoppable for the rest of the night & went on to win a million dollars.

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