2020 Super Rugby AU, Week 4: Top 3 overall performers combined with the Rebels & Waratahs players


Image Reference: Michael Coghlan via Wikipedia, 5/5/12, CC BY 2.0

The Waratahs may have narrowly held the lead earlier on, but the continued ill-discipline with two sin bin punishments saw them lose yet again to the Melbourne Rebels.

In return, the Rebels bide their time with the kicking before two tries closer towards the late minutes of each half proved enough to win at the Sydney Cricket Ground.

Now it’s time to give the Top 3 players overall from last night’s game in Week 4 of 2020 Super Rugby AU.

First up, Ryan Lowrens.

He set up the scrum and build-up attack feeds, having ensured his Rebels team to stay straight before exposing any of the space to get the job done.

When Pone Fa’amausili held down as the Waratahs scrummaging gone sideways, Lowrens picked the ball immediately and touched down.

His physical power bulldozing one or two dummies with the help of Matt Toomua summed up Lowrens’ big score for the Rebels just before half-time.

And with the opposition still suffering from the ill-discipline, Lowrens sorted out nicely, having unpacked all areas to keep hammering opportunities with the finishing.

When he came off the field with nine mins left of the night, Lowrens’ role as scrum-half proved to be an all-rounder with the credit of his forwards’ department lessening the workload for him & allow to achieve these maximum points possible successfully.

Second up, Marika Koroibete.

He made such a difference in his 50th Super Rugby match for the Melbourne Rebels.

The support from the build-up play that the forwards set up unleashed Koroibete’s pace through the gate that eats the opposition half brick by brick.

His passing and ball carry kept the Rebels momentum at every turn with his fellow backline troops communicating directly around him.

And thanks to the continued ill-discipline from the Waratahs, Koroibete spotted some space on the run home and grabbed the ball with his fantastic line speed.

The opposition couldn’t stop him; even Alex Newsome in the wings got held down from Koroibete’s left palm.

In the end, Koroibete can be a fantastic force in the wings whether it’s club or country, watch out when he gets to unpack all of the above such as his finishing, passing, tackling and visionary all within the support system necessary to demonstrate the best of his natural game.

At last, Alex Newsome.

Like the way, Newsome reads the Rebels struggles with the finishing and build-up attack having taken the advantage himself.

When there’s a lack of support from the opposition from the far left-hand side, Newsome intercepted it with both hands and unpacked his physical power and pace on the run home.

It gave the Waratahs a sigh of relief at the start thanks to his presence on the wings.

Unfortunately, a lack of discipline mistakes throughout the night left him and his backline troops down.

With that said, it limited the opportunities for the men in Sky blue to attack & tear up the opposition half as Newsome demonstrated earlier, and so does Will Harrison with the kicking which didn’t see it happen quite often. They needed the support to get rid of one weakness before sorting out the next.

Congratulations to the three best overall performers whichever team you support.

Now the Waratahs have the week off next week before they host the Queensland Reds at home the week after.

The Rebels will meet the Western Force next Friday night.

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