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Top 3 limited-budget NASCAR Cup Series drivers the 2020 Super Start Batteries 400

It may be mostly a quiet first half of a Thursday night at Kansas Speedway.

But a few mayhems along the way on the run home where some of the limited-budget drivers show their grit and determination having backed up their finishing spots.

Now we’ll unveil which best three deserves the best record card in this category based on this NASCAR Cup Series race.

Ty Dillon

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Initially, he ran mostly in and out of 29th during mostly a caution-free Stage 1, so nothing much has changed there.

Stage 2 remained unchanged, at least in the first half of the run.

Although The track position may have unchanged in the lead up towards the halfway mark, a few incident yellows along the way at least assist him with the lucky dog.

Though, the carnage-mad final run towards the finish line has changed the better of Ty Dillion in the No.13 Chevy.

He initially moved up to 27th when the first of the multi-car pile-up came with less than 100 laps to go.

Two big yellows later with less than 85 to go, Ty Dillon breakthrough the Top 20 mark. He may not have the fastest racecar in the first half of the night.

But having survived all yellows with patience, it gave time for his crew to get the equipment fixed & run well under clean air to retain track position before he finished 15th.

Michael McDowell

Image Reference: Zach Catanzareti via Wikipedia, 13/11/18, CC BY 2.0

Like Ty Dillon, nothing much has changed at the back end of the Top 20 throughout Stage 1.

Even during most of the green flag run, the competition yellow didn’t help too much.

Stage 2 didn’t see much progress outside the Top 25 at least in the first half of the run before a few driver-only error yellows saw him a breakthrough in & out of this initial checkpoint.

So, he has improved one or two places up this time around from Stage 1 in 28th.

The initial Stage 3 restart saw him lost some spots but improved to 24th after the first multi-pile yellow then inside the Top 20 zone after the 2nd significant carnage.

His No.34 Ford race car may not be the fastest having dropped a spot or two during restarts.

But thanks to a few others unexpectedly got jammed ahead of him; he sorted things out with some clean air, which helped him bounce back where he’s happy to take home P16.

Daniel Suarez

Image Reference: 19raLPH via Wikipedia, 6/10/17, CC BY 4.0

He began and remained outside the Top 30 with nothing much happening, although the late Ricky Stenhouse drama in Stage 1 saw him move up a spot in 30th.

In the first half of Stage 2, still, no change in position, especially on a green flag run until a few yellows before the halfway break, promoted him two spots in 28th.

The credit of cautions and surviving all of them has become the saving grace of Suarez’s fantastic run at Kansas.

When the first multi-pile up came up, he moved inside the Top 25 zone in 23rd before a few more yellows in the 1st half of Stage 3 promoted him up to 20th.

On the run home, his No.96 Toyota Camry may have lost a place or two at times, especially on green flag runs, which is hard to get on top against some of the medium to big teams.

But a couple more yellows when other drivers ahead of him bow out early and forced to run a lap down saw Suarez had an extended run.

He ran as high as 13th with the short-term speed working at best before he pulled off the Top 20 finish in 18th.

Final Thoughts

Congratulations to all three best drivers who do their absolute best during the 2020 Super Start Batteries 400.

Ty Dillon, who in Stage 2 initially went two laps down after nearly the 1st of the night ran mostly under green.

Then a series of yellows gave him a reprieve to sort things the problems that he experienced earlier before breaking inside the Top 20.

With the clean air after a few drivers ahead of him crash out & not get hurt saw him race out of the best of the limited-budget group in the No.13 Chevy for Germain Racing.

It’s the added patience that can reap so many benefits in ticking all the boxes and getting the maximum points needed, so all praises for Ty & his No.13 crew.

Michael McDowell had a quiet first half of the night before he got that initial breakthrough after the primary way of crashes.

At times, he may have fallen back a bit or two during green-flag runs after restarts in the first half of Stage 3, especially when it’s hard to maintain against some of the big boys out there.

But having seen these guys ahead of him bow out unexpectedly, he got his redemption sealed with a safe pair of hands having still run under the lead lap thanks to some of the clean air.

In the end, a job well done in another Top 20 finish in 16th.

He’s hopeful of building a stable phase within the Top 20 to 25 zone next time, so McDowell has a better chance of finishing up top.

And on Daniel Suarez,

The cautions and surviving all of it became the main credit behind his fantastic performance at Kansas, having promoted him a few spots.

In green flag runs, he may have run quietly within the Top 30 in the first half of the field and, at times, did his best within the Top 15 mark when getting that promotion positions after the reset yellows.

Although, his race car isn’t the fastest, unlike the chartered-ones having seen him fall some spots, including after restarts.

But at least, it’s best to stay and grab as many points and places as possible, which is better than nothing as Suarez deserved to leave Kansas with 18th.

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