2020 Super Rugby AU, Week 4: Top 3 best overall players with the Western Force & Brumbies combined


Tonight’s clash from Leichardt Oval oversaw plenty of Brumbies attacking displays on all corners while the Force’s lack of finishing despite winning a few penalties cost them with no points accrued.

Now it’s time to reward the three best overall performers combining with the Brumbies and Force players.

First up, Tom Wright.

He capitalized on the situation, having read the Western Force’s error with the scrum and intercepted the first TRY within 90 seconds.

The pace running through plenty of green space through the middle of the pitch on the far-left hand side where no one could not catch him proved too strong.

He also noticed the Force’s struggles with the finishing via the build-up play and broke through that gap before unpacking the short ball to Irae Simone, who ran over 70 meters with the second TRY.

And do not forget another backline support in Joe Powell around Wright helped him with the quick feed immediately after half-time.

Again, Wright saw an opportunity with another gap on the far left where the Force couldn’t arrest in that area before he let Will Miller bulldozed two dummies with his physical power on the run home.

Next up, Will Miller.

I liked the way he used his physical muscle and smashed a few dummies with the TRY straight after the break.

The set phases feed built by Joe Powell allowed his backline buddies to run through the channels via the vast areas with the pace and passing.

And that helped Miller, in return, fulfill his forward attributes from the attacking side of things as a No.7.

Not just the finishing that he achieved tonight, but also, he helped the maul and scrummaging stay straight again using the maximum meat possible.

It’s what made his forwards troops fulfilled the potential, having relived the backline’s heavy lifting in winning more penalties, advantages, and of course, maximum points.

So Will Miller’s all-round performance in the Brumbies shirt tonight makes this Top 3 overall players report card.

And finally, Byrnard Stander.

Yes, it is hard to go through if you are a Force fan reading this with no goals or tries scored tonight, not even a single minute given.

But if it’s one player who does well in a losing side, then it has to be Byrnard Stander in the No.8 shirt.

Having helped his forwards troops excel in defense and picking up the Brumbies’ troubles with the discipline & lost scrummaging at times.

So, it’s great to see him sort out with the maul and scrummaging, which is essential to build that momentum where Stander may have almost snatched at least a TRY himself.

Unfortunately, it’s the lack of finishing and fight from the backline that left the forwards to attack their best alone as well as difficult to defend under pressure & lead to opposition opportunities in return, which is half a team alone going up against the full outstanding 15-man side.

And Stander will need that support next time if it was to gain maximum points successfully.

That way, he and his forwards begin moving past the opposition brick by brick before the backline hammering them out with pace and physical power out wide, which didn’t see this happen.

Congratulations to all three best overall players tonight at Leichardt Oval.

The Western Force meet the Melbourne Rebels next Friday night while the Brumbies host at GIO Stadium in Canberra in seven days against the fellow undefeated side, Queensland Reds.

Week 4 gone, now we’re in the halfway stage of Super Rugby AU.

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