2020 Super Rugby AU, Week 4: Western Force v Brumbies Game Debrief


Image Reference: HPetersWald via Wikipedia, 8/10/14, CC BY 4.0

The first 40 belonged to the Brumbies with two spectacular tries within the space of a few minutes apart.

The Western Force lack of forwards’ power in the scrummaging going sideways saw Tom Wright grab that ball & speed on the run home with the first Brumbies TRY.

Not long later, the Force’s struggles with the finishing again allowed the Brumbies to spread out on the far left thanks to Joe Powell, who escaped with the quick fee.

And the backline duo from Tom Wright and Irae Simone able to capitalize on the oppositions’ weakness by breaking through that gap using another set of quick feeds as Simone touched down.

In the last 20 minutes of the opening 40, the Brumbies at times may have lost penalties with the discipline and lost scrums but defensively sound with holding up the Force build-up attack.

On the run towards the final siren, the Brumbies bagged two more tries combining Pete Samu’s brilliant stuff up of the opposition build-up attack and successful 50/22 kicks.

From there, they’re able to take advantage of the Force’s disciplinary and scrummaging errors that screwed them up with the finishing despite winning a few penalties.

First up, Tom Wright assists on the far left towards Number 8 Will Miller, where he overcomes two defenders using the physical muscle with some space on their danger zone.

Then a successful line-out allowed Issak Fines to sort out his successful orchestration with the maul staying straight that saw Connor McInerney touched down some gap, which is impossible for the Force to arrest in the end.

So to wrap up tonight at Leichardt Oval, it smoothly went the Brumbies way with the 24-0 win by firing on all cylinders across both halves.

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