2020 Super Rugby AU, Week 5: Western Force v Melbourne Rebels Game Debrief


Image Reference: HPetersWald via Wikipedia, 8/10/14, CC BY 4.0

Initially, it looked close to both the Rebels and Western Force sides at Leichardt Oval.

The Force had the early upper hand, thanks to the penalty goal from No.10 Jono Lance.

A little later, the Rebels poor discipline with Isi Naisarani not staying his crease around the side.

It’s a pity for him to sit for ten minutes as he watched on the Force try from Fergus Lee-Warner.

Despite losing a man, the Rebels did also expose the Forces’ disciplinary issues.

The lack of backline support may have seen them fall into touch by the fantastic Force defensive muscle.

But the Rebels have that advantage and took it with both hands via the quick line out.

The maul looked straight when Cameron Orr saw the gap on the far-right side with the assist to Jordan Uelese on the run home.

Western Force looked set to take the proper half-time break with a three-point lead.

Though, again the lack of support of the defense, especially from the backline when Byron Ralston shoulder charged Marika Koroibete without the ball.

His mistake saw the Rebels level 10-10 via the penalty goal as Reece Hodge cleared the successful kick via the goalposts.

The Force momentum in the defense still declined after the break with the poorly organized scrum plus the discipline.

It already got eaten via the penalty goal by three points for the Rebels.

But in the attack, it did turn a corner when Nick Frisby looked after the scrum feed before Brynard Stander helped Frisby set up out wide on the far-right.

There’s plenty of backline communication there with the short balls plus the pace from Jono Lance & Jack McGregor helped out Byron Ralston complete the 2nd big score.

However, Rebels bounced back immediately with a patient set up attack on the run home.

It took time for the maximum muscle power when Matt Phillip spun around and left the Force defense form tricky gaps where Phillip touched down himself.

The Force may have chances of bouncing back and win their way in the last minute before Jono Lance’s last unsuccessful attempt into goal went into Super Time.

And unfortunately, for the Force, their near comeback trail crashed down with the weak defense and fumble.

Likewise, the Rebels responded so quickly in the build-up attack as soon as the Super Time started spreading both ways out wide.

Having gone closer on the far left-side, Isi Naisarani touched down the Rebels’ winning moment on his 50th Super Rugby game.

With no conversion kick into goal needed, the Rebels win at Leichardt Oval by five points, 25-20.

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