2020 Suncorp Super Netball, Week 2: Top 3 overall players from the Giants v Thunderbirds Game


Following the Giants v Thunderbirds game in Week 2 of Suncorp Super Netball, we look at the Top 3 overall performers.

The Giants fired off well in the first quarter.

But the change of tactics from the Thunderbirds improved their defense and allowed the frontline to bounce back.

And nothing much has changed in the end with the Thunderbirds come out victorious.

Whichever side you’re on, the talent and hard work demonstrated can improve their natural game.

Georgie Horjus

Yes, things may have started slowly.

But the build-up play Horjus and Lenize Potgieter worked on earlier have used the first stage break to sort things out.

Fortunately, the communication from the backline via the advantage of the rolling subs helped them find support more often.

They’re able to pick up more points with the visionary, passing & reach into the goal even though the Giants began to eat the Firebirds lead a bit.

The only difference is that the Thunderbirds didn’t lose many disciplines for the rest of the afternoon.

And the front line duo with alongside Potgieter proved to be the real deal.

When any opposition half tries to face them, it can be daunting every time a ball goes into the net.

Kate Shimmin

When she came on the court, Shimmin pretty much became the catalyst in the Thunderbirds’ comeback mid-game.

Her reach in deflecting the opposition attack and spotting what they’re trying to do to get past their zone.

That read alerted Shamera Sterling in GK to get ready, and the communication between them helped the Thunderbirds reset the momentum to get things sorted upfront.

Her encouragement to team-mates during time out also contributed to the team’s comeback following a poor start in the first quarter.

Kiera Austin

She helped Caitlin Bassett and Joan Harten fire off that momentum upfront.

As soon as Austin noticed the Thunderbirds’ errors in the discipline at the back, she began finding some support to Bassett and Harten by taking advantage of the Rebel Power 5 & Suncorp Super Shot.

It may have worked successfully and still does later on, especially when Austin moved into Goal Attack.

But unfortunately, the Giants didn’t have a great day on the defensive side of things.

The disciplinary issues they dealt throughout the match couldn’t arrest lost points along the way despite some hard work upfront.

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