2020 Suncorp Super Netball Round 3: Top 3 overall players from the NSW Swifts v Adelaide Thunderbirds game


Tonight’s game did belong the Swifts way with a great start both in defense and attack.

And the build-up base they picked up earlier that helped stay ahead and fend off the Thunderbirds with the win, 66-51.

Now it’s time to unveil the Top 3 overall players.

Helen Housby

Housby worked so well and communicating closely upfront with Sam Wallace & Nat Haythornthwaite.

They always look out for each other to know where to find some support & leave some room.

It helped Housby assist Wallace with the finish and herself for the best chances into the net possible.

An excellent build-up base in the beginning and successfully used the Rebel Power 5 immunity for Housby to gain extra two-pointers has to be one of the Swifts’ best moments tonight.

She’s an all-rounder on the court that can leave any opposition half frustrated.

That way, it can help her defensive half expose on the Thunderbirds finishing weaknesses under pressure.

Paige Hadley

Thanks to the Swifts’ strong start, the backline’s work to block the opposition finishing helped Hadley control in the middle.

It allowed her to use the vast areas and find some support towards the front three.

She unpacked the running and quickly fed to ensure that the ball goes the Swifts way around the circle.

And fortunately, it worked with the maximum points successfully converted into the net and pulled off a big lead in the first half, which successfully turned into a full victory.

To cap off tonight’s game, congratulations to Paige Hadley on her 100th game with the Swifts.

Sasha Glasgow

When she came on, Glasgow stuck in and made up some of the lost time that the Thunderbirds needed on the board.

Her observation and reach into the Goal Attack net is fantastic, which backed up the most successful two pointers of seven.

It’s the highest Glasgow can offer in the Adelaide based side where Georgie Horjus struggled to keep up earlier with Lenize Potgieter.

Yes, the defense may be as good as Glasgow’s presence up front at times, which may have tied 12-12 only in the 3rd quarter.

But that kind of momentum should’ve happened at the start.

The poor finishing, gaps in the defense, and ill-discipline made it difficult for the Thunderbirds to recover later.

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