2020 Suncorp Super Netball, Round 4: Top 3 overall players from the Magpies v Fever Game


What a thrilling afternoon of Netball it has been for the Magpies and Fever.

An excellent start for the Fever maintained their momentum going into the middle of the match.

The Magpies may have started slowly and have bounced back upfront but despite leading at one point minutes before full-time.

It’s the other areas behind the attacking three that let them down at Nissan Arena in Brisbane.

Now it’s time to unveil the Top 3 overall players.

Courtney Bruce

When she came on at the goalkeeper position, Bruce made a difference at the back.

Bruce asked for the goal and wing defender to cover up for her regarding her experience and leadership ability.

That way, these people can help put the Magpies attacking half under pressure.

Fortunately, thanks to Bruce’s presence, they identified their mistakes with ill-discipline & let the Fever capitalize it upfront.

It’s where the Magpies struggle to hold on the scoreboard sheet despite netting some goals.

So credit to Bruce on giving the Fever a relived lifeline towards the home stretch.

Jhaniele Fowler

Fowler has barely missed a shot into the net this afternoon for the Fever.

She has excellent eye coordination & physicality into the goal when Geva Mentor, on the opposite end, struggled to reach over the ball.

Not only Fowler used her best strengths with the finishing, but she can help around too.

Again, she used her visionary & some running to support her fellow attackers to keep the build-up play stable.

However, the fellow attackers around her, like Alice Teague-Neeld, have also struggled to find the net mainly during Stage 2.

The Fever had to change around the squad later on when Kayliah Stanton & Emma Cosh eventually reduced Fowler’s workload.

And the communication needed has fired back by only just a point in the end.

Kelsey Browne

Kelsey Browne’s presence in Wing Attack gave a fantastic start for Gabby Sinclair and Shimona Nelson to fire off.

With the help from the centers of Molly Jovic and later Maddy Browne, the attacking play has helped win most of the quarters’ alone, which benefitted her natural game.

Despite taking advantage of the Rebel Power 5 & two-point immunities well, it’s the backline behind them and ill-discipline that fell short.

Each opportunity the Magpies backline had to concede that penalty, it did go the Fever’s way.

Unfortunately, it puts pressure back to the Magpies frontline was, at times didn’t shot successfully into the net.

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