2020 Super Rugby AU, Week 8: Top 3 players from the Queensland Reds v Western Force Game


James O’Connor is very flexible and open-minded in the No.10 position for the Queensland Reds.

With the fellow wingers and inside the backline around him, O’Connor drew ideas & bypass the Western Force’s territory.

It worked thanks patiently to the Reds’ hard work in defense before capitalizing on their mistakes with a couple of touchdowns.

O’Connor looked aware of what the Force couldn’t do to defend where he read it thoroughly into the gate.

And from there called Filipo Daugunu to do the finishing via the short ball twice.

O’Connor did the same in the second half again; he crossed kick up wide.

Then he called Fraser McWright his assistance once identifying that small gap for the Reds’ third TRY of the night.

Plus, he can finish too via the touch down again, staying in-line with his backline buddies through the channels.

Besides his playmaking prowess, he can be a great kicker between the sticks having got most of them right tonight.

Fraser McWright

As one of the Reds’ forward packs at openside flanker in the No.7 shirt, he played such an all-rounder tonight.

McWright’s physicality is a plus.

He can stuff up the opposition attack when McWright looked aware of the lack of support the Force tried to keep that build-up play.

Having read that well, he helped turn over the ball going into the Reds half.

It’s how McWright alerted the Force’s weakness upfront to his Reds team-mates, and in the end, they score plenty of touchdowns.

But we’re not done yet when it comes to McWright’s qualities defensively.

McWright can use his physicality to build up the attack and dig a hole for Tate McDermott to begin these set phases.

Regardless of how patient the Reds are upfront, McWright’s communication proved vital to that vital win.

When James O’Connor found some gap in space, he called McWright to do the finishing.

Once O’Connor offloaded the quick pass successfully, McWright blasted a few dummies on the run who couldn’t hold him short thanks to the pace added alongside his usual physicality.

A little later, when the Reds won the penalty thanks to his defensive work, he quickly got the ball out and handed to McDermott to play on & McDermott executed immediately for these extra points.

Andrew Ready

Yes, he may be on a losing side that was comfortably beaten tonight for the Force.

But if you look at the individual players overall tonight other than a maroon shirt, then it has to be Andrew Ready.

Ready’s defensive work looked spot on when he helped the Force win penalties.

Out of the penalties won tonight for the Force, Ready’s leadership and physicality via the throw-ins and maul helped him score that one touchdown straight after half-time.

Although Ready did what he can, which he’s great both in defense and attack.

It’s just the lack of support from the Force backline that isn’t firing tonight with not enough players to find.

It’s effortless for the Reds to take their possession away via the turnovers unless the Force is there to continue communicating these set phases via the passage of play.

Unfortunately, it has gaps in between that cost the Western Force lots of points.

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