2020 Suncorp Super Netball, Round 6, Top 3 players from the West Coast Fever v Queensland Firebirds game


As part of the Queensland Firebirds’ back three, Kim Jenner protected Gabi Simpson and Tara Hinchliffe today.

The communication with each other proved vital to stuff up the West Coast Fever’s finishing that exposed the ill-discipline.

They’re aware of the lack of support that Jhaniele Fowler struggled to search, so that’s why this has happened, which read well.

Jenner’s techniques with the jumping and pace helped reduce the workload for Hinchcliffe.

And it gave the Firebirds forwards the opportunity to capitalize on their mistakes.

Yes, the first quarter may be slow and steady despite trailing by a point or two.

Most of the time, they added the momentum with the number of penalties & turnovers won against the Fever & convert into points.

Jemma Mi-Mi

She’s a strong athlete in the wing attack position today for the Queensland Firebirds.

Thanks to a robust backline, Mi-Mi can concentrate on the best strengths in the attack.

It helped communicate Tippah Dwan, Irae-Marie Venter (at times for Dwan via the rolling subs), and Romelda Aiken via the finishing where they’ve successfully secured points & stayed ahead.

Also, Mi-Mi can be a great contributor defensively where she took advantage of the Fever’s lack of support through the channels.

When the opposition struggles to pass into space, Mi-Mi uses her physicality and stuff them up.

Therefore, it goes the Firebirds’ way, which was one of the reasons they won today.

Although, she may have stretched off later in the game reportedly with an ankle issue.

But let’s hope Mi-Mi is okay and can recover so she can help the Firebirds get back on track.

After finally winning their first game of 2020, Mi-Mi must be there for this journey.

Jhaniele Fowler

Fowler barely missed a shot into the net for the West Coast Fever today, which does add vital points.

Again, despite this, the lack of support around her and the ill-discipline involved let her game and the team down.

You got to feel sorry for her in the Goal shooter position as Fowler fired off well.

Thanks to her physicality via the throw-in and concentration, which helped the Fever won the opening quarter.

All of a sudden, the Fever lost the momentum with plenty of weaknesses in other areas and ultimately couldn’t recover.

Next time, Fowler needs more support for the players around her to track it closely & let the natural game flow.

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