2020 Super Rugby AU, Week 8: Top 3 players from the Brumbies v Waratahs Game


Bayley Kuenzel filled in nicely in the No.10 shirt for the Brumbies.

Kuenzel used the pitch’s width when he observed some gap using the cross-kick for Ryan Lonergan to cap it off.

Not long later, he sets up another assist for the Brumbies 2nd touchdown with cross-kick on the far right to Andy Muirhead.

Likewise, Kuenzel read what the opposition had done when their throw-ins weren’t good plus the ill-discipline in lost penalties.

And he found the answer to get around the Waratahs energetic blocks in unpacking his playmaking techniques that made it impossible for them to stop it.

He can be a decent kicker into the goal even from steep angles later in the second half.

Although, he may have narrowly missed one shot between the sticks without his kicking tee.

He got most of the conversions right, and his physical prowess backs this up as this talented fly-half original game did reminisce Rod Kafer, according to Journalist Christy Doran via my interview a few weeks ago.

Pete Samu

I’d say Pete Samu has to be an all-round contributor in the No.8 shirt for the Brumbies.

Defensively, he’s solid in look after his forward pack with communication involved to ensure that the Waratahs don’t slip away past their zone.

That way, it helped identify the opposition’s weakness, which helped win penalties and turnovers.

Plus, Samu can be a force in the attack thanks to the backline players around him.

He gets to unpack his pace through the channels, calling some support from the backline via the quick balls to help himself expand out wide to exploit into space & execute on the run home.

And that communication helped Samu score two brilliant touchdowns during the last 40 tonight that comfortably sealed the win for the Brumbies.

Tom Horton

Yes, he may be part of a losing side tonight for the Waratahs.

But Tom Horton deserves to be one of the best overall players out of any team.

He can stuff up the opposition attack that helped the Waratahs win penalties where he read the Brumbies’ lack of support via the build-up play, which gifted the Tahs penalty goal.

Not only Horton has the defensive muscle, but he can be a great operator in the attack.

He’s brilliant via the build-up play were at a point late in the 1st half looked patient on the far left where Jack Maddocks communicated to Horton before finding some support for Jack Dempsey to finish that touchdown.

Unfortunately, the players around him let him down due to a lack of finishing communication and lost penalties that made it hard to defend.

And Tom Horton had enough of those excuses when he came off with 20 minutes to go.

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