2020 Suncorp Super Netball, Round 7: NSW Swifts v Sunshine Coast Lightning Game Debrief


The first quarter fired off well for both the NSW Swifts and Southern Coast Lightning 16-16 apiece.

Nothing much happened in the second stage, with the tempo remained high octane style of netball.

In the last five minutes towards the break, the Swifts struggled with finishing thanks to the strong Lightning backline.

And it added some pressure back to their defensive half where the Lightning has the narrow lead by three points.

HALF-TIME: Swifts 29-32 Lightning

Swifts continued to add points while Sarah Klau did her best to tighten the defense.

For the Lightning, their attack continued to match the Swifts.

But the defense still needs some work to support their final third if they were to bounce back.

The last 15 minutes will go down to the wire as the Swifts led by a single goal, 44-43.

In the end, the Swifts outmuscled the Lightning thanks to their robust defense.

And that helped translate into continued points for the Swifts where they pulled off the lead, separating them by a few points.

FULL-TIME: Swifts 61-54 Lightning

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