2020 Suncorp Super Netball, Round 9: Top 3 players from the Queensland Firebirds v West Coast Fever Game


Ingrid Colyer worked so diligently in the Fever front three from last night.

The decent work builds from the backline allowed to link up with Colyer and Verity Charles in the middle.

These two worked together to find support through the channels & spot gaps where the Firebirds couldn’t mark using the court’s width.

It did benefit the likes of Alice Teague-Neale and Jhaniele Fowler to focus on the finishing within the circle & convert it into the net.

And that kind of communication helped the Fever build the positive start they need before safeguarding it all night.

In the last 15 minutes of the match, she unluckily stretched off over an acute ligament strain, which is sad for us to see.

Let’s hope Ingrid is okay as her injury isn’t severe as first feared.

Colyer is an assist machine that is so speedy to help feed her front two to do the finishing work to reduce the pressure for herself and the team-mates for the Fever.

Stacey Francis

She’s very experienced along with plenty of energy & leadership in the Fever back three.

Francis ensures Courtney Bruce and Jess Anstiss get ready, use the best strengths, and block the Firebirds’ attacking opportunities.

And it paid off when the Firebirds unable to find any support players towards the circle & make conversions.

Francis read the situation well, using the speed and physicality to deflect & mark the opposition player.

That way, either herself or Bruce or Anstiss steps in before turning the ball over to the Fever.

It created winning possession & plenty of build-up phases for the Fever, where Francis managed to link up to Verity Charles and Ingrid Colyer in the middle before they made a brilliant series of offloads that successfully convert for points within the circle.

It’s safe to say that Francis guided the Fever with confidence from A to Z.

She will undoubtedly continue to protect her back two & make free-flowing opportunities for the Fever to convert upfront that makes the opposition hard to overcome under Francis’s watch.

Gabi Simpson

It’s hard to watch by when Mahalia’s team, such as the Firebirds, lose in the end.

If it regards an individual performance, then Simpson would be one of the essential Firebirds players out of this squad.

She did the best possible to protect the back two.

Simpson can go out of nowhere to track down the Fever’s weaknesses in the attack and stuff up their build-up play.

The techniques Simpson used with the pace and physicality within her zone gave the Firebirds plenty of re-sets to fire back.

That way, Simpson and her back two helped feed Mahalia Cassidy and Jemma Mi-Mi in the middle to try and assist Tippah Dwan and Romelda Aiken upfront for the conversions.

Unfortunately, the Firebirds only won just the final quarter alone with a lack of communication with the finishing side.

Dwan had to go off for Irae-Marie Venter when it made Aiken miss some shots alone that made her feel isolated.

So Simpson needs more support from her forwards to communicate more through the channels and navigate for the points within the circle next time.

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