2020 Suncorp Super Netball, Round 11: Top 3 players from the NSW Swifts v Melbourne Vixens Game


Mwai Kumwenda is such a decent threat within the circle for the Melbourne Vixens tonight.

The accuracy with the throw-in and reading Sarah Klau’s weakness at Goal Keeper helped Kumwenda shoot comfortably.

She also benefits from a free-flowing attack led by Kate Moloney and Liz Watson when Kumwenda reached out for support via the long passes again, alerted what’s going on near the Swifts’ camp.

It’s the sort of communication that allowed her to throw the Swifts’ pressure back with the gaps supplied to Kumwenda, where the Vixens won most quarters.

And it made Kumwenda’s life easier where she unpacked the best of the physicality needed to dominate the conversions.

Overall, she’s blessed to play around in a fantastic front four for the Vixens that helped frustrate the opposition defenders.

Jo Weston

She looked very well after the Vixens defense in the back three.

The close communication and pairing with Kadie Ann-Dehaney allowed them to read through the Swifts’ lack of conversions by stepping up into their zone to win turnovers.

It made Weston and her defenders react at the right time with the visionary and deflection to ensure that they reset the Vixens build-up play & give either Kate Moloney or Liz Watson opportunities.

And it reduced the pressure to completely drain into the net with the likes of Caitlin Thwaites, who continues to net goals, and Mwai Kumwenda, whose performance tonight is unbeatable thanks to the support passage of play via the channels.

Credit to Weston, who helped tighten her back three defensively and contribute in the attack with the guidance for Moloney & Watson to help Thwaites/Kumwenda successfully get these conversions right.

It helped the Vixens take over the lead in the second quarter and build a brilliant lead maintained so healthy for the rest of the night.

Sarah Klau

She did all the hard yards as possible in the Swifts back three.

The reading is excellent when Klau noticed the Vixens struggles to find support at times upfront.

And Klau used the deflections and tall reach to make the opposition miss some shots or create incomplete passes within her circle.

That way, Klau gets to create opportunities for the Swifts to fire back in the attack.

But it’s the lack of communication over in the other end of the Swifts front four that let her down.

Yes, there’s some late progress made in the last quarter, thanks to Helen Housby.

Again, it’s still not enough to make up the lost time that the Swifts needed to take advantage of midway in this match.

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