2020 Suncorp Super Netball, Round 11: Top 3 players from the Adelaide Thunderbirds v Queensland Firebirds Game


Tippah Dwan lighted up one of the critical moments in the Firebirds front two last night.

With the guidance of the one who filled at Goal Attack last season from Gretel Bueta, her goalscoring shots into the net are top quality.

She called out for support from Laura Dunkley & Mahalia Cassidy.

That way, when these two crossed to Dwan within the circle, she then reads the Thunderbirds struggles to tap in the defense & nets in successfully herself or to play the safe route of assisting Romelda Aiken up close at Goal Shooter.

Not only is Dwan at her best upfront in the attack.

But she’s also a team player when it comes to defending.

Likewise, how she got around Shamera Sterling & Layla Guscoth that split the Thunderbirds defense into pieces.

Dwan can also notice their lack of calling that interrupted the Thunderbirds’ build-up play to link to the other end of the court.

And she took advantage of these interceptions and create these assists or pass one another to her Firebirds tribe to keep the flow of this support passage of play.

Well done on Dwan last night as she’s young, talented, and has a bright future ahead for the Firebirds and potentially for the Australian Diamonds National Side.

Kim Jenner

She looked after the Firebirds defenders well in a stable back three.

Jenner made sure to unpack these defensive traits by looking to keep Georgie Horjus and Lenize Potgieter quiet plus make them hit and miss.

It’s something Jenner, Tara Hinchcliffe, and Gabi Simpson did to help reset the build-up attack where the likes of Tippah Dwan wanted to create plenty of goals to make this link-up play complete.

And this shows that Jenner is capable of using that physicality to mark up Potgieter/Horjus or even another two to three attackers trying to assist for these conversion attempts where the Thunderbirds fell short.

Plus, she can act as an attacking contributor too, as said a bit earlier, feeds to Gabi Simpson, Mahalia Cassidy, or Laura Dunkley to run or pass into space at the other end of the court Thunderbirds couldn’t do to trackback & struggled to make these deflections.

It’s excellent reading & notice for Jenner to offer help for the Firebirds to capitalize on the opposition weakness to build the early momentum as they can and hold on in the end.

Like Dwan, Jenner also has potential with plenty of defensive muscle to create these blocks around the opposition front three plus the attacking guidance that can play a big part in the Firebirds’ future success & for the Diamonds.

Shamera Sterling

As usual, she worked so hard in the Thunderbirds back three last night.

The defensive traits Sterling brings to the table is enormous.

She’s very mobile with the speed and the physicality to mark the opposition front two & turn the ball over.

That’s an excellent eye plus the notice to read the Firebirds’ weaknesses with hesitation to try and get around her danger zone inside the circle.

It helped Sterling fire off these attacking opportunities from within her circle to link up the other court’s other end.

The Thunderbirds did well to score some points & try to upset the Firebirds in another possible actual home win in Adelaide.

But it’s just wasn’t their day to see out a narrow loss in the end.

Next time Sterling needs the early momentum support from her Thunderbirds attackers for the conversions to fire better.

And not leave it late having won the entire second half alone, whatever it may be, as these opposition defenders already have tightened up during these pressure cooker moments.

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