2020 Suncorp Super Netball, Round 11: Top 3 players from the Giants v Magpies Game


Jo Harten can be flexible in both goal attack and goal shooter for the entire time.

Regardless of where she plays, the attacking mindset remained unchanged.

Thanks to the messages received from the Magpies’ discipline issues and incomplete conversions by her defenders, the support crosses from Maddy Hay, Jamie Lee-Price, and Keira Austin made Harten’s life easier.

It allowed Harten to concentrate on draining into the net fully.

The vision and physicality she brings on the table made her barely missed a shot that fires the pressure back to the opposition.

Simultaneously, Harten can notice the Magpies struggling to tap the ball off her hands too, with the reading very well complete to write off an attacking play.

She’s even scored the greater two-pointers within the Suncorp Super Shot circle at four for the Giants.

Well done to Harten on her versatility in the Giants front three as she demonstrated her attacking instincts that made conversions to stay ahead, which held on beautifully in the end.

Kiera Austin

Like Harten, she’s very flexible within the Giants’ front three.

The communication working with Maddy Hay and Jamie Lee-Price when asking the ball to come to her came at the right time.

It allowed Austin to get around the tall reach of Geva Mentor and Jodi Ann-Ward, who they’re both great defenders with a great eye to deflect and create turnovers.

And Austin read it beautifully with the support alongside Jo Harten to make the Magpies defenders miss these interceptions that helped her score plenty of goals into the net.

Later on, Austin moved to Wing attack to accommodate Caitlin Bassett coming on, and she too is a team player.

Again, the attacking instincts remained unchanged with the same basics applied to keep the build-up play simple.

The result is that Austin backed up her natural game thanks to the Magpies’ mistakes from the opposite end of the court and call for support where she can cross either of her Giants’ front two within the circle.

It created plenty of goal assists towards Harten and Bassett & when you look at the scoreboard after full-time, you got to praise Keira Austin for her hard work on the court to tick off the win she deserves for the Giants.

Geva Mentor

She’s very vocal with a combination of leadership and experience for the Magpies side.

As usual, the tall reach allowed Mentor to back her defensive traits.

The visionary is there to read the Giants’ incomplete crosses within her zone to deflect/intercept the ball using the physicality to great power and skill set.

That way, Mentor marked or found the ball where it didn’t go past one of the Giants’ front attacking two by resetting the Magpies build-up play.

Unfortunately, there’s ill-discipline, and lack of conversions involved that left the Magpies fell short by four points in the end.

She worked so hard to tighten her back three with the combination of Jodi-Ann Ward, who also possesses a great eye and can run to block the Giants’ attacking opportunities at times alongside Mel Bragg.

It just needs more support from the opposite end to help Mentor out and build momentum with an early lead and stay there for the whole game without looking at the scoreboard too much.

And if so, Mentor can make herself and her defenders hard to get around while the other half in the front four flows well that needs to improve through the channels.

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