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Top 3 teams to choose from Daniel Suarez in 2021

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Nearly a week ago, Daniel Suarez announced that he would not be back for another term in the No.96 Toyota with Gaunt Brothers Racing.

He only signed a late deal with Gaunt for just the solitary season rolling contract after Stewart-Haas let him go & slotted Cole Custer in the No.41 Ford after 2019.

Now Suarez will be looking for a 4th ride out of his five year Cup Series career.

GO FAS Racing

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This vacant ride in the No.32 Ford runs under Stewart-Haas Racing’s 5th “de facto” operation.

It’s something Suarez would want to switch back to Ford and re-build himself with his Cup Series development by targeting regular Top 20-22s & occasional top-half runs.

Yes, GO FAS still has the limited-budget standard as a single-car team.

But it would represent the next step forward since they have the technical support from Stewart-Haas plus the charter.

And the sponsorship Suarez will bring, such as the Mexican supported CommScope and Coca-Cola, would boost this great team’s potential & target Front Row and JTG.

Richard Petty Motorsports

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Suarez would be a perfect replacement by having another diverse figure at RPM.

It continues the trend from Aric Almirola back in 2014-2017, who has Cuban roots and Bubba Wallace 2018-2020, who recently announced that he wouldn’t be back at RPM for 2021, is African-American and potentially Suarez, Hails from Mexico.

The sponsorship backing Suarez bring would keep RPM running the solitary No.43 Cup operation for another few years.

Performance-wise, he may not be back at a team similar to Joe Gibbs Racing or Stewart-Haas’ quality after learning throughout 2020 at a non-charter organization.

But RPM is a midfield team with enormous potential to climb back to the top-half that is perfect for Suarez, who can be the next potential candidate to bring the famous No.43 numberplate back in the victory we haven’t seen over the last 4-5 years.

MBM Motorsports

If he’s unable to get over the line at either GO FAS or RPM, I know it will be much harder for Suarez to find if all vacant chartered seats are locked up.

But if there’s any way Suarez could stay within the Toyota camp, then going to another non-chartered side like MBM Motorsports is an option.

Again, at least it’s something he can still race at Cup level & no problems injecting sponsorship dollars.

Unless they can get a charter, then the performance levels without the technical support will be the same as he’s currently doing with Gaunt.

It doesn’t mean to say that Suarez is an average standard Cup driver who wasted his potential at the top teams in the past.

Maybe like Gaunt, Suarez can develop MBM from the ground up, and then in 2-4 years, if they’re the new JGR satellite team alongside a secured charter, MBM can force their way & target the midfield group.


I saw a few of Suarez via the Toyota USA social media and YouTube accounts over the last few months.

Indeed, Toyota admires him and wants to keep him around for another year with manufacturer support.

Sad to say that Richard Petty Motorsports won’t race Toyotas because of Bubba Wallace’s departure.

Instead, Toyota’s search for a new satellite teams turns their attentions elsewhere, either someone taking over the assets from Germain Racing or promote Gaunt Brothers as the new JGR satellite team with a charter.

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Yes, Suarez should join the Toyota/Joe Gibbs Racing B team alongside Bubba from the former Germain Racing operation & not Gaunt.

But it seems that the new venture would most likely be a single-car team with Bubba or two cars consisting of a mix of mainly financially backed Bubba and someone who brings talent like Erik Jones.

If Suarez wants to stay with Toyota, then it has to be MBM Motorsports.

Otherwise, Suarez will have to race for another manufacturer.

And for me, he will go to RPM in the No.43 Chevy because they admire the diversity and someone who can bring plenty of sponsorship backing & some Cup expertise to work their way back to the top hopefully.

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I’ve left Suarez out of the picture at GO FAS because they will pick someone to replace LaJoie, who has demonstrated decent ability in the race car alone but doesn’t have many sponsorship dollars.

A great example of this one above would be Gray Gaulding, Ryan Preece, or Chase Briscoe if Clint Bowyer stays/Kyle Larson joins the No.14 Stewart-Haas team.

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