2020 Suncorp Super Netball, Round 14: Top 3 players from the Sunshine Coast Lightning v Melbourne Vixens Game


Kate Moloney handled it in the middle of the park for the Vixens.

When the Lightning’s conversions became unsuccessful, Moloney helped link-up immediately.

She used the court’s width to get around the Lightning defense with the cross-feeds towards Mwai Kumwenda and Caitlin Thwaites in the circle.

And the communication running with Liz Watson/Elle McDonald helped these two entirely focus on the finishing.

These two were potent goal scorers when their physical accuracy and power into the net completed Moloney’s all-around play both defensively & attack.

Not only Moloney can back up her incredible skills in the central role.

But she’s a great mentor to the Vixens youngsters, who followed her lead and took their opportunities wisely that dominated the 2nd half.

Jo Weston

She’s solid as a rock in the Vixens back three all afternoon.

The reading is there when the Lightning is unable to find to support & cross into space.

Watson capitalizes on their mistakes using the physical build and vision to deflect the ball and cancel the Lightning’s unsuccessful conversions.

Beyond her work defensively, she’s also vocal in the attack by creating the build-up play.

Her front four put the pressure back to the opposition, navigating their way towards Caitlin Thwaites and Mwai Kumwenda for the finish.

It made Weston’s life more comfortable at goal defense to shield herself & her back two.

Steph Wood

She’s a great goal scorer anywhere within the circle, whether it will be close range or the Suncorp Super Shot Zone.

The physicality and eye accuracy are there when Wood read the Vixens struggles to tap the ball defensively.

And Wood successfully converted in the net that put the pressure back to the Vixens.

Not only that, Wood can play the safe hands route by giving the goal shooter to take the easy shot from close range.

But the lack of support with the ill-discipline from the Lightning defense didn’t make up the time Wood needed to catch up on the scoreboard.

Wood needs close communication and cross pass coming to her more often.

That way, Wood has ample time to get around the opposition defense so she can give decent returns as early as possible.

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