Your viewing guide for the 2020 Bledisloe Cup & Rugby Championship in Australia


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Less than 24 hours before the kickoff time, we will look at your broadcast guides for the 2020 Bledisloe Cup.

Wallabies NZ Tour Dates

  • 1st Game, tomorrow at Sky Stadium in Wellington
  • 2nd Match, Sunday, October 18 at Eden Park in Auckland

And this guide should carry on towards the 2020 Rugby Championship Tournament.

It will take place all on the New South Wales & Queensland border starting two weeks after the 2nd Bledisloe Cup game.

Coincidentally, the first Rugby Championship match as the 3rd official Bledisloe tour will play on Halloween (Saturday, October 31)!

Australian Broadcasters

Fox Sports and Network 10 currently have the rights to air both the Bledisloe Cup & Rugby Championship.

Ten will only have the Free TV pick of the Wallabies games both at home and away.

No Rugby Championship games that Network 10 will air outside the Wallabies.

Even though this year’s tournament is within the Australian hub, it is part of the contract they first signed from 2016-2020.

But the good thing is that they will air the Wallabies games LIVE as part of the anti-siphoning laws to attract national attention.

And Fox Sports will have the Pay TV rights involving all Bledisloe Cup & Rugby Championship games LIVE.

Network 10

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Network 10 will always have a small crew out there as low as three to four on the air.

That is because they only focus on the Wallabies matches LIVE.

I think Ten will stay in the Pyrmont studios in Sydney for the NZ tour and call off a monitor.

But I do think they will be traveling in-person for the Rugby Championship involving the Wallabies.

The Voice of Rugby, Gordon Bray, will call the shots.

Matt Burke will provide expert analysis alongside Bray in the booth & Host Scott Mackinnon during the pre-game, half-time & post-game show.

For Nathan Sharpe, I do not think he will be in New Zealand for the away tours.

He did not do any sideline work during Network 10’s Rugby World Cup telecast last year.

But I am not sure that Sharpe will return to the usual sideline role he held for the last five years.

This year, it might not happen considering the budget cuts Ten has experienced recently.

And do not forget that their contract is up for expiry shortly where Ten is in talks for renewal with Rugby Australia from 2021.

Fox Sports

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With the significant Test events closing in, Foxtel will have a studio host named Tony Squires.

So no Greg Clark, who replaced Nick McArdle for these domestic games on-site this season.

He currently hosts The Back Page, who will update the Wallabies team during the Pre-Match, Half-Time & Post-Game shows.

Alongside him, there will be two expert panellists to prove the Wallabies and All Black perspectives.

It will be former Wallaby, Justin Harrison, who came to this studio frequently last year.

Great to see him back on these occasions after Fox Sports decided to have a smaller staff for the domestic side this season.

And former All Black, Andrew Mehrtens.

In the booth, Greg Clark calls the shots with two former Wallabies of Phil Kearns & Rod Kafer.

I am not sure where these guys will be calling.

But since Foxtel has the Pay TV pick, I think they will have the best seat in the house on location rather than calling off a monitor.

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